iPhone 5 Screen Repair Problems

Confronting the cracked screen on your iPhone 5, you may have these two questions: how much to replace the iPhone 5 screen and how to repair the iPhone 5 screen. If so, you could find the answers from this article. ETrade Supply is always your prime choice to get the iPhone 5 replacement parts.

iPhone 5 screen repair


How much to replace iPhone 5 screen?

  After disassembling the iPhone 5, we found the iPhone 5 front glass, digitizer touch screen and LCD screen are assembled as one component, which means it’s extremely difficult to repair them separately.  But if you have special tooling and professional skills, you can only replace the cracked front glass if the iPhone 5 screen still works and responses. The cost of a new original iPhone 5 front glass is about $12. However, if you have no smartphone DIY repair experience or the entire iPhone 5 screen is damaged, you have to replace the screen with a new iPhone 5 screen assembly, which costs about $75.  

How to replace iPhone 5 screen

  Please note the DIY repair could save bucks, buy may void your warranty. As above-mentioned, it’s challenging to only replace the iPhone 5 glass lens for a green hand. Therefore, here we only present you a tutorial of replacing the entire iPhone 5 screen. You can follow this iPhone 5 teardown video to learn how to replace the iPhone 5 screen.
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