Can the Apple iPad air repair-ability?

Although the iPad Air is lighter and thinner than the iPad 4, it scores as low as the iPad 4 in repairability (2 out of 10, 10 is easiest to repair), which means repairing the iPad Air should be very tough. But if you still want to challenge yourself, ETrade Supply is always your best place to get the new iPad Air replacement parts.

Just like the 4th-gen iPad, the iPad Air front panel is glued to the rest of the tablet, which increases the risks of shattering the front glass during repair. Fortunately, after the front panel is removed, the iPad Air LCD screen is easy to take off. The second hinder is the battery, which is difficult to remove due to lots of adhesive used to hold parts in place. Additionally, it’s the foam sticky tape used to adhere the iPad Air LCD to the front panel, which also makes it easy to crack.

Despite of these difficulties, we’ll get our iPad Air later to push ourselves to limits and take it apart. Then we’ll update this iPad Air repairability review.


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