How to Replace the HTC One M9 Charging Port

After a certain period time of use, many of the customers may experience in-chargeable problem of their HTC One M9. Though there maybe are plenty of causes for this problem (take a look at this article for reference), here we will walk you through a step by step guide of one solution, how to replace the HTC One M9 charging port.



Tools Needed:


Step 1:

Turn off the device and take out the SIM card tray and SD card tray.




Step 2:

Insert the thin Plastic Case Open Tool into the top of the phone to remove the top rail. (There are a little adhesive and two clips holding it, so take your time)



Step 3:

Remove two screws underneath the top rail with the help of Torx 5 Screwdriver.



Step 4:

Use the thin Plastic Case Open Tool to slide down two sides of the phone to release the rear housing. (There are small amount of adhesive on the bottom, so watch out!)




Step 5:

Use the Small Phillips screwdriver to remove two screws holding the battery.



Step 6:

Unplug the battery connector.



Step 7:

Unplug all the flex cable connectors as shown in the picture.



Step 8:

Unplug all the 5 antenna connectors.


Step 9:

Pry up the vibrating motor.



Step 10:

Use Torx 5 screwdriver to undo these 3 screws as shown in the picture.



Step 11:

Insert our plastic Spudger under the motherboard, and then slowly and carefully pry it up.



Step 12:

Separate the louder speaker module.



Step 13:

Undo the 3 Philips screws holding the charging port, then the charging port will fall off.



Step 14:

Put your new charging port on, then install all the other components. Or you may watch our video for the whole teardown process.





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