How to Replace HTC M9 LCD Screen Assembly

Tools Needed:

Step 1: Power off the HTC One M9, then take out the SIM and SD card trays with an eject pin or tweezers.




Step 2: Pry up the bottom side rail, undo the 2 screws with T5 Torx screwdriver.




Step 3: Pry up to separate the LCD assembly with a frame from rear housing.



Step 4: Undo the screws marked in the pic, pry up the adhesive shield then pry up the connectors to release the motherboard.




Step 5: Pry up to release the upper logic board.



Step 6: Pry up the battery flex connector then the battery. (Notice: be careful not to damage the battery flex.)



Step 9: Undo the 3 screws, then remove the earphone jack and charging port assembly.




Step 10: Heat up to soften the adhesive and then insert the case opening too to separate the LCD assembly from the front frame.




Step 11: Replace a brand new HTC One M9 LCD Screen Assembly, putting together with the HTC One M9 front housing.



Step 12: Put the battery back on the front housing.



Step 14: Put the upper mainboard on the top of the phone. (Notice: you need to pay attention to make sure the upper mainboard edges are placed into the right bracket. )



Step 15: Reconnect the volume key flex cable ribbon, SIM card reader flex cable to the board.



Step 16: Fasten 4 Torx 5 screws in the board.



Step 17: Put the charging port back on the frame.




Step 18: Fasten 3 screws in the charging port.



Step 19: Put the loudspeaker back on the frame.



Step 20: Layback the mainboard.



Step 21: Fasten 2 screws in the top board, and the screw underneath the loudspeaker flex cable.




Step 21: Reconnect all the connectors on the motherboard.



Step 22: Press down the volume key on the frame and reconnect all the antennas on the motherboard.






Step 23: Fasten 2 screws in the motherboard.



Step 24: Reassemble the battery door with the rest parts.



Step 25: Fasten 2 screws in the bottom.




Step 26: Put the rubber cover back in the bottom.



Step 27: Insert the SD card and SIM card Tray back.




Any questions, just comment below to let us know. We will reply to you ASAP.


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