Apple iPhone 5S Touch ID Sensor Repair Problems

The Touch ID is a new feature on the iPhone 5S, which enables users to use fingerprint to unlock the phone. Although this feature brings a novel experience to users, it’s also accompanied with some problems, like failing to recognize the correct fingerprint or losing accuracy over time.

iPhone 5S Touch ID Sensor Repair Problems

If your iPhone 5S fingerprint scanner doesn’t work, you may be wondering whether you can replace it with a new one. Unfortunately, if the original iPhone 5S Touch ID sensor is broken, the iPhone 5S won’t have the fingerprint scanner function any more.

The Apple product repair company, mendmyi, has already tested the replacement and claimed the reason for the ineffective fingerprint scanner is that the Touch ID Sensor itself is tied to the unique logic board in each iPhone 5S and the fingerprint data is stored on the A7 chip in a Secure Enclave that is only accessible by the sensor itself.

Therefore, it’s useless to change the Touch ID Sensor if it fails to response. A new Touch ID Sensor cable will not be working. If your iPhone 5S home button is damaged, you can replace it. But keep in mind the new home button will only have the basic functions except the Touch ID function, like this iPhone 5S home button assembly on our website.

Therefore, if you find your iPhone 5S Touch ID Sensor performs abnormally, you can first try the solutions below rather than replacing it.

• Check whether your iPhone 5S has been upgraded to the latest version of iOS.

• Make sure your fingers and the home button are clean and dry.

• Don't tap too quickly, don’t press down hard, and don’t move your finger while the Touch ID is scanning. Also, your finger should cover the home button completely.

• Go to Settings => General => Touch ID & Passcode => Touch ID to make sure the iPhone Unlock or iTunes & App Store is enabled and one or more fingerprints have been enrolled.

• If one finger isn’t working, go to Setting => General => Touch ID & Passcode => Touch ID => Edit to delete and then enroll the finger again. If that finger still doesn’t work, try to enroll a different finger. If you’re unable to enroll any of your fingers, go to an Apple Retail Store, Apple Authorized Service Provider, or contact AppleCare for further assistance.

Have you experienced the above-mentioned iPhone 5S Touch ID issues? How did you solve them? Please let us know in the comments.

  1. BY Conundrum

    Supposedly there is a way, if you have the original broken button with enough flex to connect, its possible to recover the code with specialised equipment.

    • BY kaye

      Well, the iPhone home bottom doesn’t record your data, so you can not unlock the iPhone unless you reset the Touch ID of the iPhone. It’s nothing to do with the home bottom.

  2. BY Kiran

    My iphone 6s felled in water. After rice treatment the next day phone started working after fully charging it.
    3d touch not working
    Home button not working but fingerprint scanner & reachability is working

    Please give me suggestions

  3. BY prajwal

    I have a same problem at my 5s while changing the board. I found that the sensor is not working, i thought it was the sensor problem and i change it with orginal board. Both sensor works succesfully.
    Hope apple update will bring the solution for this ?

    • BY Ashish jha

      I also have iphone 5s my home button working properly but fingerprint not work plz help bro

      • BY kaye

        Hi Ashish, do as the article said, if it still not works, you should go the Apple store for help because the fingerprint will not work with third party home button.

  4. BY Yolanda

    Hi, please be informed that I cannot scan a finger, when sliding the iphone unlock button, messsage appear : Failed unable to complete touch id setup. Please go back and try again.

  5. BY boubaker

    touch id ne fonctioner pas

  6. BY john

    ok i was completely wrong. I have never had any complaint from any of my customers that I have replaced the whole home button flex for the 5S. I just tested today one and it failed every time. I tried a new dock connector and still the same. I guess it is a good thing apple does this.

    • BY Ashish

      John yar my 5s fingerprint not working but home button works properly is it chance to repair

  7. BY WLK

    Fabio is correct. You cannot change the touch ID sensors & have full functionality because of the link. Is there a way to change the ID on the new sensor? Make the new sensor look just like the old sensor from a software / ID perspective? What about changing the A7 chip to recognize the new sensor? I’m sure Apple isn’t just throwing these devices in the trash when they come back for repair with a bad touch ID sensor. They must have a way to make a new sensor work with an old board & it hasn’t been released / discovered by the public yet.

  8. BY cassio

    If you change your display, do not change your touch id, because each touch id is linked with your processor A7, so you can not use another touch ID. Will only work hobe button function.

    Em portgues, não troque se eu home do 5s que para de funcionar, pq o botao esta ligado ao processador, cada botao é unico.
    Entao se tiver que trocar seu home do 5s vc perdeu a digital

    • BY john

      @cassio, that is not true. I have replaced many touch id home buttons on the iphone 5s. they are not linked to the actual button flex cable itself.

      • BY long nguyen

        You are RIGTH !!! Thanks

        • BY John is right

          I have also replaced Touch ID and they worked fine, i have also replaced touch ID and they didn’t work, that the confusing part for me

      • BY Fabio

        John, you are wrong. I`ve tried to replace many touch ID sensors, they will not work. The original touch ID sensor is linked to the A7 chip on the logic board. Every touch ID sensor is unique and binded to the logic board,therefore it cannot be replaced

  9. BY carlos

    Boa noite. eu ao substituir o ecra danifiquei a fita do circuito do botão home, ao ir colocar um novo circuito o touch ID nao funciona mais?


  10. BY attah

    ma touch id is not working after changing screen get broken help resolve it

    • BY min

      I have in same situation,
      After replace the display, sensor won’t working.
      Just keep failure,
      Only glass has changed

      • BY Fabio

        i replace dozens of iPhone 5S screens every day and i can tell you guys messed something up. Make sure the touch ID flax cable is not loose or not connected. Replacing the screen does not interfere on the functionality of the Touch ID sensor.

  11. BY Shlomo

    for the information it is very usefull

  12. BY iphone 3gs repairs perth

    I really loved what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it.
    Too cool!

  13. BY Luca

    I’ve just bought an iPhone and the TouchID sensor lasted pretty much 2 hours.
    I called Apple Care, they guided me through a reset of the iPhone, but it was clearly being an hardware failure, since the TouchID option disappeared from the security menu.
    Now it has been sent for repair via AppleCare, but apparently I will get a new iPhone if the sensor cannot be replaced.

    It is a beautiful device, though. But having this problem after 2 hours is just not good.


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