How To Fix LG G4 Digitizer Touch Screen Issue

Two months after LG’s G4 came out in April of 2015, an XDA forum user launched a poll to find out “Which LG G4 Problem You Are Facing?????” According to the results shown below, we can see that more than 65% of LG G4 users were having touchscreen issue among 174 voters.



Some users reported that their LG G4’s digitizer was unresponsive, some saw white lines on the screen, while some said they were experiencing double-tap to wake and sleep problems. However, LG didn’t reveal any other solutions except for releasing an app update related to the touchscreen issue, but whether it’s a software or hardware problem we have to figure out a solution to fix it.


Here are some potential solutions to solve LG’s G4 touchscreen issues:

1. Remove the screen protector to see if it makes a difference.


2. If you’re suffering from an unresponsive touchscreen in the keyboard area, try to update your LG keyboard app via Settings > General > About Phone > Update Center > App Update.


3. You can try to “Force GPU Rendering” by going to Settings > General > About Phone > Software Info and tap on Build number repeatedly until you see the message “You are now a developer”. Go back to Settings > General > Developer Options and activate Force GPU Rendering.


4. Some users solved the problem simply by rebooting the device.


If the above tips won’t work, maybe it’s caused by faulty hardware, installing a new touchscreen will help. However, replacing just the digitizer screen costs less, but is definitely riskier. The digitizer by itself is currently not available in the market at present, but you may choose to buy an LG G4 LCD and Digitizer assembly. For those who are new to repair, we highly recommend to buying a replacement LG G4 LCD and Digitizer with Frame instead even though it costs more as it will make your repair work much easier with a much lower risk of damaging the phone. Here is the tutorial for how to replace an LG G4 screen.


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