How to Fix Galaxy Note 5 Stuck S Pen Issue

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 released not long ago, but some users are encountering an awkward situation: when they accidentally put back the S pen back in the wrong way, the S pen gets stuck in the phone and can’t be removed. As a Smartphone manufacturing giant, this kind of flaw shouldn’t have existed. Anyways, some of our friends in the repair community like How2Tech has found a very easy fix for this issue. Check out how to fix it!

What you’ll need to prepare in advance is a sheet of paper but you need to cut it and get a thin length with a width around 0.4 inches, and a length of at least 5 inches, a little bit longer is better. Just normal printer paper is perfect!


If your Galaxy Note 5 S Pen gets stuck in the phone don’t try to pull it out with brute force, otherwise, the device will be damaged or the S Pen will break. The picture below shows inside of the S pen’s slot. We can see there is a little switch on the side of the pen slot, which works like a sensor to detect whether the S Pen has been inserted or not. If you force the pen out you’ll break this switch.


So let’s get started liberating the S Pen. When you look at the picture, you will find that the tiny black sensor is located on the side of the motherboard. Keep that in mind! It’s important. 


Fold a slight curve in the strip of paper so that it fits into the slot. Then wrap it against the stuck S Pen, and slide the piece of paper down the length of the pen into the slot and remember to make sure the paper is inserted against the side with the motherboard. When you are unable to insert the paper further, pull the S Pen a little bit out while sliding the paper in a bit more. After sliding the paper nearly all the way in you can try pulling out the pen and paper together. Handle it carefully and gently, and you will get the unstuck and out of the phone.



Thanks to How2Tech for showing us how to fix this issue. For more details, you can check his video and subscribe to his YouTube channel and our ETrade Supply's YouTube channel. Over 300 teardown videos and tips to show you how to repair.


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