How To Find Your Galaxy S6, S6 Edge Model Number

The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge were launched, as Samsung’s flagships for 2015, and like other Galaxy S series phones, there are a few different models for each device. As such, some internal parts may not be interchangeable between the different models and carriers. Knowing the right model number is very important to download the right ROMs or buy the right parts for repair. The following tips are helpful to distinguish different S6 or S6 Edge model variants apart.


General rules for the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge model numbers.



Galaxy S6 model number for other areas:


  • China Mainland: SM-G9208, SM-G9209;
  • Hong Kong: SM-G9200;
  • Korea: SM-G920K, SM-G920S, SM-G920L;
  • Canada: SM-G920W8;
  • Pakistan, Philippines: SM-G920FD;
  • Singapore, India, Australia, LATAM: SM-G920I;
  • Europe: SM-G920F;


Galaxy S6 Edge model number for other areas:


  • China Mainland and Hong Kong: SM-G9250;
  • Korea: SM-G925K, SM-G925S, SM-G925L;
  • Turkey: SM-G925FQ;
  • Singapore, India, Australia, LATAM: SM-G925I;
  • Europe: SM-G925F;


 Find the model number in the system.


Go to Settings>About, then you’ll be able to find the model number.


  Find model number on replacement parts.


Most replacement parts are interchangeable for the different variants within the same series, while some are not. For example, you can find the model numbers hiding on the Galaxy S6 charging port flex.



If you still have no idea what your model number is, you may consult with the shop where you bought your device.


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  1. BY Mevlida

    Samsung galaxy s6 edge model number is SM-925F

  2. BY Mevlida

    No I’m looking for s / n and I mean it

  3. BY Sulaiman

    Sir, i bought a used s6 edge plus in pakistan it show T-mobile logo when turned on/off.
    And sometimes when I try to make a call ot shows that ” not registerd on mobile network”.
    Kindly guide me.

    • BY kaye

      Sorry, it is a locked phone, I can’t help you.

  4. BY Ali Ahmad

    Dear sir,
    Which is the original model of samsung galaxy s6 edge and how can I know the original samsung galaxy s6 edge or high copy/fake
    Thank you.

    • BY kaye

      Hi, actually there are many versions of this phone of different models that not means the other models are not original, there are some tips for you to check whether the phone is original or fake, like you can tape *#06# to check the imei number, or double tape the home button,if it’s real then it will open the camera.and you can search a lot of tips on the internet.

  5. BY franco

    hi, bro

    i have a LCD display of SM-G928F and one motherboard SM-G928G do you know if is compatible, i try it.

    but don´t turn on, don´t it enythink. do you know how try it o may be a need a
    other motherboard



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