How to change your Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge battery in 5 Steps

Since Samsung has made the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge with a non-removable battery, and with the battery capacity of these two batteries only being 2550 mAh and 2600 mAh, many people are wondering whether it’s possible/how hard it is to replace the S6 and S6 Edge’s battery? Samsung has released official battery change instructions within their manual (Check it here), but this doesn’t really give you an idea of how difficult the task is. Here our detailed guide will walk you step-by-step through how to replace the S6 and S6 Edge battery. Want to change the battery? Check our guide out first!


To replace the Samsung Galaxy S6 battery:

Tools you need:

Step 1:

Shut down your S6 first before you do anything else, then use the Ejector Pin to take out the SIM card and SIM card tray.



Step 2:

Use the Heat Gun/Hair Dryer to heat up one end of the S6 for about 1~2 mins (we start from the bottom), then use the Suction cup to pry up the battery door a little bit and insert the Plastic Pry Tool (or playing cards) in. Take your time during this step, the battery door adheres to the frame with some very strong adhesive; if it’s too hard to pry up the battery door, try to use more heat, not strength; use a thin plastic pry tool instead of a razor blade in order to avoid damaging the glass. After the Plastic Pry Tool has been inserted in, heat up the edges and then gently slide it around the edge to open the battery door.



Step 3:

Undo the 13 screws around the middle plate, then heat up the front of the S6 to loosen the adhesive around the middle plate. Pry up the screen assembly a little bit with the help of a Suction Cup and thin Plastic Pry Tool, then slide the tool to separate the screen assembly (a little strength can be applied to the back of the battery, but not too much, handle carefully and gently)



Step 4:

Disconnect the 6 connectors that hold the motherboard as shown in the picture to release it.



Step 5:

Use the Metal Spudger tool and insert it very, very carefully into the gap between the battery and screen assembly to pry it up because the battery adheres to the fragile AMOLED display directly! (PLEASE NOTE: Do not heat up the battery and do not bend the battery too much; patience is needed!)



After these steps, you could replace the old battery with a new one, and reassemble the Samsung Galaxy S6.


Want to replace the screen of Samsung Galaxy S6, check our tutorial here!


Replacing the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge battery is not an easy job, we strongly do not recommend people who have no/less experience attempting this.


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    my s6 edge back button cannot working how can replace with what part I must to buy it?

    • BY kaye

      Hi ISSAC, do you mean your navigation key can’t work well? If it is, you should replace the charging port, the navigation bar is on the charging port. You can get the Samsung S6 Edge charging port here.

  2. BY Tayeba

    Hi, My phone fell into the for about 30 seconds before I fished it out and wiped it clean. Ever since then it hasn’t been charging properly using the fast charger. It takes about 4 hours to charge. Not to mention the battery drains pretty quick. On top of that, every time my phone has an issue connecting to the charger the gear vr app will pop up. It is very annoying. Any help regarding this issue would be great. Thank you in advance.

    • BY kaye

      Hi Tayeba, it is very to say about the water damage, the best way for you is send your phone to the Samsung if it is under warranty, if not go to a repair shop and then test what damaged due to the water. May this can help you.

  3. BY Sam

    My cell fell into water. It was dipped for some 10 minits before retrival. Now its vibrating constantly till the battery discharges fully. The moment cell is connected to charger, vibrations start. What can be the reason? And what shall I do now?

    • BY kaye

      Hi Sam,
      It happened may be the cellphone vibrating motor short circuit,you’d better go to the repair shop and change it…
      Happy every day.

  4. BY Jamie

    My s6 edge battery is swollen and needs change.. where can i take it to and do u have an idea how much the battery cost?.. thank u very much. Wil be glad to hear from u

  5. BY Pethal

    do the s6 edge and s6 use the same battery?

    • BY kaye

      sorry, i’m afraid they can’t share the same battery.

  6. BY Hardtohandle

    After having broken the glass screen, and having dented the casing of my Samsung 6 edge, it was taken to a mobile phone repair place and supposedly repaired with all new casing and glass. Within a few months, the back of the case came off, so the phone was taken back to the same phone repair place. It was explained that the reason for this issue is that the battery had expanded, and that it had pushed the back cover off. It was also explained that a new battery was needed to repair the phone, and I was given a time frame of less than a week for the completion of the repair. It’s been over a week, and I’ve been told that the first battery received from a vendor was defective, and now I’m told that the battery is “out of stock”. Because there has been an attempt to replace the battery, the insurance that I have will not replace the phone. The individuals at the phone repair place claim to have done this procedure many times. My question to you is, how likely is it that a battery can be purchased, and the phone repaired, assuming that this is truly the problem, and the only problem. Do you have any suggestion(s)?

    • BY Tarek

      I can’t believe the same happened with me exactly & until now for more than 45 days m waiting for the battery

    • BY Thomas

      Yes the phone can be fixed, I have done this same repair over a dozen times, I even had to repair my wife’s phone, these phones seem to have a lot of issues with the battery’s

  7. BY Mrs. Gul

    My samsung galaxy s6 edge plus is not getting charged.I have bought this phone 3 months ago but I don,t understand why this phone is not working properly.what to do for charging my phone .it,s off right now.

    • BY kaye

      Hi,have you tried to use another USB cable to rule out the possibility of usb cable problem first?

  8. BY foxygee

    My s6 edge fell in water and now it’s not charging it’s displaying some red triangle and a thermometer

    • BY Kaye

      Hi,sorry to hear that, but when your phone fell into water,you should power off the phone at once and if you’re not familiar to deal with this you’d better send it to the repair shop to have a check.

  9. BY Abdulai

    Why a company like Samsung in the 21 century built such a mess.
    I have the S6 and I was wondering how to open it and insert and sd card…
    Total mess.

    • BY Kaye

      The Galaxy S6 does not support expanding storage seem disappointed many people.

      • BY Kimberly

        Actually there is a a place to put an SD card and it’s in the same spot where the SIM card is. If you eject your sim card using the ejector tool you should have gotten or paperclip words to I’ve heard there is actually a place to put the SD card right above the SIM card

  10. BY Solomon B. Flomo

    hi I am Solomon from Liberia, my s6 fell in
    water what should I do

    • BY Pod

      Take it out of the water!

    • BY Stu

      Immediate thing to do with any phone that falls in water is place it in an airtight container or zip lock bag with long grain rice poured in over it completely covering the phone. Seal it up and leave it a week. The dry rice should absorb the moisture. Take it out and try it after a week. If it’s not working take it to a repair shop.

    • BY Kaye

      sorry to hear that,what’s the situation of your phone now? have you send it to the repair shop? or did you do something to it?

  11. BY Name (required)

    it’s a good phone ,i like it.

  12. BY Larry

    Do you have the instructions of how to replace the battery in the Galaxy S6 Edge + (that is edge 6 plus).

    Thank you

  13. BY BigBossMANE

    I am all for the extra battery’s, I can appreciate the value in having a extra battery to swap when phones die BUT man. This looks like to much business not to mention VOIDING your warranty potentially messing your whole situation up. I am not sure why else a extra battery would be useful other then when you got no juice swap them out like I have always done, but this is to much of a process I guarantee you by the time you finished dissecting your phone it would have already been charged. lol Sounds like your going to have a phone that falls apart or your going to carry a hair dryer everywhere you go lol and some glue can’t forget the adhesive now haha

    • BY CommonSenseBob

      It’s not to swap as a spare! It’s how you replace a defective battery…. a little common sense goes a long way!!!!

  14. BY Phillip

    Do you all provide this as a service as well? I don’t have the experience or patience to try this but my battery in my edge is dead (goes up to 64% then down to 0, then up to 45%, then down to zero, etc. etc.). Please email me if you do

  15. BY hari

    why on earth didn’t they make the backplate removable like in prior versions?

    • BY Jerry

      Because the battery is supposed to be non-replaceable. When the battery dies, they want you to purchase a new phone.

  16. BY Adam

    I will never buy Samsung phones again. This company is dead to me now.

    I bought the S6 without researching, just presuming it would be better than the S5 and I trusted Samsung.

    Instead it has NO waterproofing, NO replaceable battery (this article is a joke, right?) and NO expandable storage.

    Samsung, you’ve lost me forever. Yes, I bought the S6, but I’ll never buy another phone from you.

    • BY Shane

      The phone has a lot of good technology in it, but the operating system has been so bastardized by Samsung’s “TouchWiz” and Verizon’s bloatware that it hardly functions as well as a standard android OS does. The slick glass on front and back, coupled with the active touch edges, plus the buttons on the sides and bottom of face make the phone an ergonomic nightmare to use. It’s almost impossible to pick up the ringing phone an not: 1) hang up on the caller, 2) reject the call, 3) unintentionally answer the call.

      The slick back case makes it such that the phone will not stay where it is put. It slides off one’s lap almost as fast as you can let go of it. Same if you put the phone in the car seat next to you – it slides to the back of the seat. If you have a notebook on the seat, the phone will find its way under or within the notebook, or, if you have to slow down at a moderate rate, the phone will slide off the seat and onto the floorboard.

      If you try to insert the phone into your back pocket, instead of sliding in like it slides around on EVERYTHING, it RESISTS going into your pocket. If SAMSUNG had tried to make a phone any more difficult to use, they could not have done worse than the way this phone turned out.

      I too, will never buy another SAMSUNG phone. There are just too many ergonomic gaffs (and I haven’t even started on the poor text messaging application that will misspell common English words and phrases. I call this feature autocorrupt. I have spent too many months with this phone. It finally died day before yesterday- It locked up, I powered it down, and it wouldn’t reboot. It got very hot and has not recovered. I reactivated an old iPhone 5S, and the entire user experience is so pleasant, I’ll never touch a Samsung phone again.

    • BY Ace

      Samsung doesn’t need so dull buyers. How could you buy a $700+ smartphone without touching it first inside the closest cell phone store? It’s not a cup of coffee.

  17. BY john

    Are you kidding?…im laughing my face off as 98 percent of all people on the planet would screw this up…FAR TOO difficult to do unless you really really know what your doing and have experience doing it!!

    • BY Luke

      I think you are significantly underestimating the percentage of the population that actually took the time to learn real skills and that can follow directions and problem solve. If it was only 2% of the population we would all still be wearing animal furs and trying to kill/not be killed by animals out in the jungle somewhere while we all grunt in a guttural language to each other.

      The only thing that really makes this terribly difficult is that Samsung used glue, which is an ADHESIVE, which makes the repair a destructive and non-repeatable event. Sounds to me like little more than a ploy by Samsung to try to make more money off the phone sales by forcing people to pay to replace the batteries in service centers.

      So do the purchases get a discount for buying a less functional product? I mean, this design change benefits the consumer how? If Samsung can make a real claim about why this was done and why it is a good thing I would be interested in hearing it.

      I am all for companies making a reasonable profit off of their products, I want fair value for my labor as well, but when they offer dung and call it a diamond I have an issue with their marketing tactics.

      • BY Matt

        Ya the $45 they are charging (plus shipping) is a real money maker. I’m sure their entire sales division is built around battery repair…

        • BY jimmurray1946

          $45.00 WHERE? my S6Edge is about ready for a battery replace but itsin the range closer to $200 US.

  18. BY jpt

    Samsung just got on my stupid list. I was looking forward to buying and promoting the S6. Non removable battery and no Micro sd card has sadly convinced me to not buy/upgrade to S6. I hope many follow suit, as lack of sales is the only way to complain effectively enough to make any difference. Too bad!

  19. BY april zuffa

    soooo did you glue it back together?

    • BY Davi

      You can also use 3M adhesive to put it back.

  20. BY tymekeeper

    I was just wondering what did you do after you put the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Edge back together again. Did you just snap it together or use some very strong adhesive, to put the battery cover back on….I would like to know.


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