Galaxy Note 4 Supposed to Be Released on Sep. 3rd

September is always a boom season in the wireless industry. This year not only Apple claimed to release the new generation iPhone on Sep. 9th, but also Samsung seems to be going to hold an event to reveal the long-rumored Galaxy Note 4 on Sep. 3rd.

Recently, the well-known cellphone review website GSMArena leaked several images of Samsung Galaxy Note 4. According to the photos, we can see clearly that the purported Galaxy Note 4 inherits the style of the plastic back with leather-like texture. So, it looks very similar to the current Note 3, but there’re still some changes on the sides, which seem to be made of the unreleased Samsung Galaxy Alpha metal-like material.

Rumors said the display of the Galaxy Note 4 would be 5.7 inches once again and improved with an resolution of 2560×1440 pixels. What’s more, the Galaxy Note 4 would add the fingerprint identity function like Galaxy S5. From the pictures, we can see an inlay alongside the rear camera on the back, which is supposed to be the heart rate monitor. Anyway, the cellphone shown in those images is still in beta version. An insider claimed that the final version would make a little bit change. When the Galaxy Note 4 is released on Sep. 3rd, it will be available on shelf as soon as Sep.15th.


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