Samsung Galaxy Alpha May be Launched On August 13

Samsung Electronics (SEC) will release the Galaxy Alpha (tentative), which was called the Galaxy F before. And the Galaxy Alpha will be a lineup different from the Galaxy S Series, aimed at the premium end of the market. According to the news unveiled by a Korean media ETNews, the Galaxy Alpha, made of metal, will be launched next month. It is said to counter the iPhone 6 which was claimed to be released in September.  

It appears that Samsung will be rebound from its recent poor performance with a new smartphone lineup, not the Galaxy S or Galaxy Note Series. It is forecast that this smartphone would have a 5.3 inches front panel which features 2K resolution display. The fingerprint identification and heart rat monitoring also functioned well in this premium product. What’s more, it will use a 16 million pixel back camera. And the Sony purported IMX240 sensor, which is still unavailable in the market, may also be used in this cellphone. Rumors said this flagship would be launched in mid-July. Apparently, this latest powerful smartphone will not be on sale so quickly. On the contrary, the Korea news media NTNews claimed that the smartphone will be launched on August 13. The definite time obviously speaks louder than the other rumors. Anyway, Galaxy Alpha is coming soon.



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