How to Fix iPhone X Ear Speaker Not Working Problem

The iPhone ear speaker problems occurred for many reasons. We’ve shown you how to replace the iPhone X series new ear speaker to solve the problem previously. This time, the repair case we faced is special. The iPhone X ear speaker consists of the speaker and the flex cable ribbon. When there is a crack or break on the flex, this may also cause the ear speaker not working. Here Etrade Supply would like to show you how to solve this problem by jumping wire solder on the flex. Check the steps below.


1. Check the reason why the iPhone X ear speaker not working


 1.1 Turn on the iPhone and make a phone call, or play a video. We can see no sounds from the phone ear speaker, but other functions are all normal


the iPhone X ear speaker is not working


 1.2 Turn off the iPhone, tear down the iPhone X display screen. Specific steps refer to our previous blog on How to Tear Down iPhone X for Screen Replacement


Tear down the iPhone X screen


 1.3 Take off the screen, measure the J4600 cable’s resistance to see if the values are normal


Measure the J4600 cable resistance


 1.4 We can see all the values are normal. Then we measure the ear speaker flex connector’s resistance. Values are normal, too.


Measure the flex cable resistance


 1.5 Check the ear speaker and the flex, here we find a crack on the flex. The ear speaker and other parts are OK. Here we need to solider a jumping wire to fix the problem


Find a scrap on the ear speaker flex


2. Solve the iPhone X ear speaker problem by jumping wire solder


 2.1 Place the iPhone X ear speaker with flex on the silicone heat station and under the microscope, fix the flex on the silicone pad


Fix the ear speaker flex on the silicone pad


 2.2 Scrape off the rubber protector with tweezers aside from the broken part of the flex. Be careful on scrapping, don’t damage the flex ribbon


Scrap the rubber protector on the flex


 2.3 Scrapping until we see the copper wire, clean the flex, and apply some soldering flux to it


clean the ear speaker flex


 2.4 Coat in the copper wire and solder a 0.009m jumping wire on the scrapped copper wire, jump across the broken part


Solder the flex with jumping wire


 2.5 Clean the flex again with PCB cleaner


Clean the flex with PCB board cleaner


3. Install the fixed ear speaker and assemble the iPhone X  


 3.1 Install the fixed ear speaker to the iPhone, fixing it with screws


 Install the ear speaker back to iPhone


 3.2 Assemble the iPhone X screen and digitizer back to the iPhone X, connect the screen flex cables, and fix the cables with the metal panel, and screws


Assemble the iPhone X screen back


 3.3 Assemble the iPhone and turn it on, check the ear speaker function, the face ID, the true tone, and other screen functions as well. Make sure all the functions are OK.


Test the iPhone X ear speaker again


No matter what, we should check the reason why our iPhone X ear speaker not working before we propose the right solution on it. The ear speaker flex cable ribbon of our iPhone is easy to break, we should be careful on it while installing the new ear speaker. Besides, choosing high-quality iPhone X parts will decrease the repair rate. Etrade Supply provides you grade S+ quality level cheap price iPhone X parts for wholesale here. Come to our web for specifics or contact us via email if you have interests. All our iPhone parts are 100% original new with 180 days quality guarantee. Customers have no worries about after-sale issues. 





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