Explosion? How to Distinguish Between Original and Aftermarket Cell Phone Battery

As the developing cost of cell phone battery is relatively lower than other cell phone parts like LCD or Digitizer. There are a huge amount of batteries available in the market currently. However, their quality comes in different levels according to the material and manufacturers. Most important of all, for a battery sold in the market, its top price maybe three or five times higher than the bottom price.


Nowadays, many of us may choose to buy a new battery to replace the former one that has shorter standby time. But how can we be sure that we have bought the original battery with stable and longer lifespan? Please see the tips below:


Cosmetic Inspection:

1.Print, Craft

Generally speaking, the original battery features more clear and exquisite logo, character style, printing ink and paper. But there is also an exception like BP6X for some latest Motorola Android handset.

                                                                                                                                   Original  Battery

                                                                                                                                   Aftermarket  Battery

2.Anti-fake logo

There are Anti-fake logos for some original batteries. You may have a look at the Anti-fake logo in different angles, then you will see different patterns. The original one’s pattern is usually very clear at whatever angle.


Because the aftermarket battery core is smaller than the original one, some manufacturers will add some filler during the production process to ensure the same size as original battery. These aftermarket batteries can be easily distinguished, just press the battery edge and you will find it sunk. But there is also an exception like some old original battery type that may have the same phenomena.


The fabrication cost of the original battery is much higher than the aftermarket one. Normally, the original battery is at least one times more expensive than the aftermarket. You’d better buy the battery from some good reputation store.

Functionality Test:

1. Battery Charging Test

Please put the battery in a charger or just install it to your cell phone, and pay close attention to the charging time and condition:

When you start to charge the battery, please look at the interface to see whether it displays with a normal charging pattern.

Generally speaking, a battery is fully charged from the beginning for 3 to 8 hours. Most aftermarket battery will auto shut off if it is fully discharged, but when you restart your cell phone, you will find there is a serious power back.

2.Resistance Value

We normally use a Multimeter to test the resistance value between the battery’s negative electrode and gold finger. There is an NTS temperature measure resistance with negative temperature ratio between the two electrodes. It is mainly used to measure the battery core’s temperature and protect the battery in case of a risk for exorbitant temperature.

However, the aftermarket battery was installed a common 10K resistance inside for reducing the cost.

As a result, the original battery’s resistance is changed following the temperature, but the aftermarket one is often fixed.

In our life, we may see some battery explosion because of some unknown reasons. Actually, the aftermarket battery does have more chance to be explored, thus leading to a tragedy for somebody at times. Why did that happen? Let's see how does ETrade Supply(etradesupply.com) Technical Staff say below:

There are three reasons which may cause an explosion:

1. The basic reason is that aftermarket battery is made of some inferior materials.
Actually, the battery is made of two main parts: Battery Core and Charging protection circuit. Aftermarket batteries' manufacturers use the cheapest material during production in order to reduce cost. But the bad battery core may cause low capacity, low transferring efficiency, quick voltage drop and other unstable factors.

As to the protection circuit, it has a close relationship with charging control. If it is not properly controlled, the battery would be overcharged, overheated or even exploded.

2. When the battery is stored in an environment of too high or low temperature, humidity, inflammable material or other bad contact condition, it may discharge too much current all of a sudden, thus leading to an explosion.

3. The battery is stored in a place of metal that may cause short circuit even explosion.

In conclusion, do not put your cell phone in an inappropriate place all the time.


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