How to Distinguish LG G3 Model Numbers

Released in June, 2014, LG G3 is the successor to LG G2. As a new flagship, undoubtedly LG G3 will achieve the success. “Simple is the New Smart”, this is the slogan on the official LG G3 page. After disassembling the LG G3, we found that the G3 did really have simple-designed internal structures. It means that LG G3 repair will not be so unreachable.
However, although it looks almost the same from outside and has simple designs from inside, different LG G3 versions still have slight differences. Thus, it's better to know your G3 model number so as to buy the right replacement parts for phone repair. If you have no idea about what your LG G3 model number is, here are several tips for you to identify.

Tip 1: See below charts to check model numbers that corresponding to the different carriers or regions.

LG G3 Model Number

LG G3 Model Number-2


Tip 2: Check the LG G3 model number in the system.

Navigate to Setting > About, then you can see the G3 model number at the first glance.


Tip 3: Find the LG G3 model number on the back battery cover.

To see the carrier logo printed on the back cover is another easy way to identify your LG G3 model number. Take the LG G3 Verizon version battery door as an example, the Verizon logo is obviously seen.

OEM LG G3 VS985 Battery Door - White - With Verizon and LG Logo (1)


Tip 4: The rear housing indicates the LG G3 model number.

As the pictures shown below, the LG G3 model number can be found on the rear housing, like below rear housing model numbers: D855 is for the European version and D851 is for T-Mobile version.

OEM LG G3 D855 Rear Housing Assembly - Gold (3) LG G3 D851 Rear Housing Assembly - Black (4)


Tip 5: The LG G3 model number can also be found on the loud speaker assembly.

Take LG G3 European version as an example, you can see the model number on the loud speaker assembly.

OEM LG G3 D855 Loud Speaker Assembly (1)

  1. BY tahirkhan

    which is better all in lg models

    • BY kaye

      Hi tahirkhan, it decides which country you use it.

  2. BY michel

    hi help please my phone it on d852 custom rom on telus canada but on the back under cover it write d850 ?

    • BY kaye

      Hi Michel, D852 is the version Canada, D850 is AT&T, maybe your custom ROM phone support both of them.May this can help you.

  3. BY felix

    Am buying lg g3 phone but dont know the original any help

    • BY kaye

      Hi, Where did you buy your LG G3? if you buy it from the official store or website, it can hardly be a fake one, and the simplest way to distinguish is to check the imei number,dail *#06# to find the imei number and check if it is the same with the Settings tab on your phone, and then you can go to the official website to paste the imei number to check if you can find the phone information.

  4. BY Nofil

    I have lg g3 vs985 under the battery it is written made in korea
    Is it fake

    • BY kaye

      Hi, the VS 985 model means it is customized by Verizon company,if you buy the phone from official site or store, then it can’t be a fake one.

  5. BY sina

    hi , i buy a lg g3 d885 refurbished,but software and board number doesn’t match and i dont have signal in my phone !!! how to How to Distinguish LG G3 Model Numbers On the board ??? i want to see model of my board ! please help me

  6. BY mojt

    can you please give me the real specifications of the LG G3 that write Tiger C and under the battrey write d857/d858?

  7. BY Abdul Rehman

    which is the best and original version/model?
    And which one should i buy ?

    • BY May

      Hello Abdul, there’re different variants derived from LG G3. The variants differ by carrier and district. If you have no idea which model to choose, you may consider the LG G3 D855, which is the international version. Good luck.

  8. BY @dhey

    it rights Tiger C instead of D85..
    and under the battery rights D856
    made in korea

    • BY uddhav

      Hi, @dhey, can you please give me the real specifications of the LG G3 that write Tiger C? That is if the screen is 2k, if 3gb ram, the camera, etc..

  9. BY Jose Capistran

    If i buy the model 855 ,unlocked can I use it in the USA. I will probably use T-mobile or AT-T .


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