Bulk scratched Housings?-Give to ETrade Supply for Value Recovery

Before we’ve already introduced our LCD screen refurbishing process, here we are going to show you the process of refurbishing housings/shields. If you have any interests, or have bulk housings/shields at hands, please contact sales@etradesupply.com. Step 1: Assemble the scratched front housings with clamps then put them on the assembly line. 1 Step 2: Clean the front housings need to be repainted for the first time. 2 Step 3: Put those housings on the production line. 3 Step 4: Clean the housings manually again before painting. 4 Step 5: Unseen dusts will be removed in the electrostatic dust collection room. 5 Step 6: Spray the primer. 6 Step 7: Dry the primer in the UV (ultraviolet) oven. 7 Step 8: After go through the UV oven, the housings with primer will be taken off from the line. 8 Step 9: Put the housings with primer into the galvanization oven. 9 Step 10: After galvanization, put those housings back to the production line. 10 Step 11: Second-time painting. 11 Step 12: Third-time painting. 12 Step 13: Take out the housings with clamps. 13 Step 14: Separate the housings from the clamps and do the final QC inspections. 15


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