How to Deal with Your Broken Screen? Send to ETS for Refurbishment

ETrade Supply is dedicated in recycling and value recovery business service aiming to recycle customers’ resources, reduce the waste of product value, simplify the producing process and recycle the raw materials. Our main goal during these processes is to achieve and maintain a more environmentally friendly world. Currently we mainly cover two aspects of our refurbishing business: the LCD assembly and the housing. Here below we will introduce the process of how we refurbish the LCD assembly. Step 1: Select the reclaimed LCD assembly Reclaimed LCD assembly Step 2: Separate the display and touch panel Separate LCD display Step 3: Test the LCD display Test LCD display Step 4: Remove the adhesive on the screen Remove LCD adhesive Step 5: Clean the display Clean the LCD display Step 6: Apply a new Optical Clear Adhesive Apply Optical Clear Adhesive Step 7: Press together the LCD with new touch screen Press LCD and Touch panel Step 8: Remove the air bubble Remove air bubble Step 9: Quality check quality check Step 10: Apply foam Apply foam Step 11: Put on the LCD frame Put on LCD frame Step 12: Press tight the LCD frame Press the LCD frame Step 13: Apply a thin film to the LCD Apply film on LCD Step 14: Final quality check Final quality check Comparison: Before and After LCD refurbished Above is almost the whole process of how an LCD assembly is refurbished. ETrade Supply has experience and professional technology in LCD refurbishment. If you also have refurbishment business and have any problems during refurbishment, you can tell us and we can test on our side to find out solutions for you. We are always willing to help you lower down your management and labor cost as well as expand your business. If you are interested in cooperating with us, please leave your inquiry or email us at
  1. BY david

    i have some lcd for repair can you contact with me

    • BY May

      Hi David, thanks for your interest, our colleague who in charge of LCD refurbishment business will contact you soon. Thank you.

  2. BY Antreas

    I will send something back(RMA), so i was thinking to send also all the broken LCD’s (around 60) that i have for recycle. Is it possible?

  3. BY Ken Davison

    How exactly do I return the items? Which address do I send it to?

  4. BY Angel

    I am thinking of abandoning LOKA in favor of OCA adhesive. Reason, much cleaner to use. My question, is heat required along with the vacuum? If heat is required, what temperature is required and for how long?

  5. BY Abraham James

    If i need a phone screen or LCD fixed could you do it?


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