Breakthrough of mobile phone repair shop

In previous installments, I talked with you about some problems of physical mobile phone stores, including supply, field segmentation, how to operate, etc. what you discussed in the group is also very intense. Today, I will precipitate some "business breakthroughs of mobile phone physical stores" summarized by you for your reference. Because the experience of physical stores requires specific analysis of specific problems, it is not a methodology that eats the world, and you need to combine your own situation.



​ A group of friends reported that many consumers who repair mobile phones are much smarter than before. For example, a friend who looks for a physical store to repair the iPhone screen will buy a good screen in a treasure or a store in advance, and then go to the offline physical store's repairman to repair it. The owner of the maintenance point can only earn an installation fee of less than 100 yuan, depending on the consumption level in different cities.


​ For example, in addition to repairing the mobile phone screen, it is also necessary to replace the battery of the mobile phone. In addition, many mobile phone repair shop owners will also do this kind of work with their own accessories in order to survive. The competition is fierce, and there is no one who does not accept the order.


​ This is worth thinking about by the owners of many mobile phone repair shops. At present, affected by the general environment, consumers are more and more careful and try every means to save money. In addition, there are many industries that distrust and don't understand, and think that mobile phone repair shops are a place that will pit their money (there are indeed many physical stores that kill one another, which affects the normal business of repair shops).


​ Facing this problem, how to find a breakthrough in the operation of the second mobile phone physical store? We give two suggestions. The first is to optimize our after-sales standards and product quality standards. Although the maintenance industry can't guarantee that there are no problems, we can do what we say when there are problems. If we give quality assurance, we can also have a bargaining confidence when selling (there are many rights protection and quality assurance routines for selling accessories alone).


​ The second is the more important IP creation of mobile phone store owners. We export a personal IP image of our store owners through the Internet, such as sending video tutorials on a certain voice or hand, live maintenance, explaining mobile phone maintenance knowledge, etc. we spread our word-of-mouth in advance through the Internet. Many times, our word-of-mouth is the second spread of old customers, but today, with the emergence of Internet platforms such as a certain voice, if you master the output of IP devices, You will find that you can get some interested customers in advance. They know you through short videos, know you, and finally believe you. Once there is a problem with their mobile phone, they will think of you at the first time, especially local ones (there are many mails from different places). This is a good opportunity for all physical stores to overtake on the old curve, and it is also a breakthrough for the poor operation of the store. ​



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