How to Boost iPhone Speed to Solve Slow Problems

People who own older iPhones usually post questions on Apple Support Forum that how to make their iPhones run faster. Although the new iOS 7.1 software can boost iPhone speed to a certain degree, there are some people who still feel their iPhones are really slow. Here we collect simple solutions to solve iPhone slow problems.

How to Boost iPhone Speed to Solve Slow Problems

1. How to Check Out Your iPhone’s Usage?


It’s normal that your iPhone will slow down after long-time usage, for there are lots of factors contributing to slow problems. An iPhone filled with lots of stuff will definitely response slowly. Therefore, you should get a sense of what is taking up the most space in your iPhone 5S, 5 or 4S. To check out the space, you can tap Settings > General > Scroll Down and Click Usage. It may take a while to get the list of space information if your iPhone is really loaded up.

2. Delete iPhone Apps You Don’t Use to Fix Slow Problem


After you check out your iPhone space list, you will be aware of which apps are taking up the most space on your phone and make it slowly. You can get rid of crap you don’t need. You can hold down an app from the iPhone home screen until it wiggles, then press the X icon to remove the apps. Or you can clear them out by accessing the Usage menu. Go to Settings > General > Scroll Down and Click Usage > Tap on the App You want to delete > Hit Delete App.

3. Get Rid of Old Messages to Speed up Your iPhone


Messages especially those containing photos and videos take up a ton of space, so you can save some space by deleting some old messages that you are no longer needed. If you want to delete an entire series of messages, you can swipe left across the Message app to tap the “Delete” button hidden in the conversations. But if you don’t want to lose your entire message history with someone, you can open a chat to find the message, picture or video, tap and hold on a sent message until the “More…” option pop up. Then you can select the exact messages, picture or video and tap “Delete all” to remove the materials.

4. Clear Your iPhone’s Cache To Solve Slow Problem


Just like a computer, your iPhone browser stores search history, cookies and other data. Although Safari caches data can speed up page load times, too much data can make your iPhone response slow. To clear out cache, you can go to Settings > Safari (or other browser you use) > tap Clear History and Clear Cookies and Data.

5. Remove Music Photos and Video You Don't Need


As we all know, music, photos and videos are taking up much space. If you want more space, you can choose to delete these big files. You can delete all of your music by going to Settings > General > Scroll Down and Click Usage > Tap on Music > Hit Edit at the top of the next screen > Tap a red circle nearby All Music and you will see an option to delete everything. If you only want to delete exact song from your Music app, you can swipe across the song and delete it. You can delete certain photos and videos by opening the app to choose the items you want to remove. As a result, you can speed up your iPhone to fix slow problems.

6. Turn off iPhone Auto App Updates to Solve Slow Problems


Numerous smartphone users favor new features in their phones, so their devices get auto updates. However, the auto app updates will slow down your phone. If the speed is your priority, you can disable auto-updates in your iPhone to fix iPhone slow problems by going to Settings > Scroll Down and Tap iTunes & App Store > Turn off Automatic Downloads.

7. Disable Location Services to Make Your iPhone Run Faster


Lots of apps search and determine your locations by the Location Services in your phone, which will make your iPhone act slowly. Turning off location services does not only help you fix slow problem in your phone, but also benefits your battery life and privacy. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. In this section, you can choose to turn the Location Services off completely or only turn the apps you don’t need to get your location, such as Facebook, Safari etc.

Do you feel your iPhone is really slow? Hurry up to give your iPhone a huge speed boost by following the steps. If you still find your iPhone run slowly after trying all the solutions, please let us know in the comments.


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