Analyse About iPhone High Brightness LCD Screen VS Original VS Common

As we all know, the aftermarket iPhone screen is very different in brightness from the original one. In response to the brightness problem, the factory improved production technology and eventually produced a new high-brightness iPhone LCD screen. The new LCD screen not only increases the screen's brightness but also it solves the problem of being unable to see under polarized sunglasses.


Now let's do a comparison test on the iPhone 7 Original screen, high brightness screen and common aftermarket screen.


  1. Adjust the brightness to maximum


To ensure the accuracy of the measurements, set all screen brightness to the highest.


1 - adjust screen brightness


  1. Measuring screen brightness


We respectively measured the maximum brightness of each screen using the brightness test tool, and the specific test data is shown in pictures below:


2 - common screen brightness test


3 - High brightness screen test


3 - High brightness screen test


Brightness Test Result: Common Screen < High Brightness Screen < Original Screen


  1. Display effect contrast


In order to see more clearly the display effects of the three screens, we tested in a dark room.


5 - display effect contrast


From the picture, we can draw the following conclusion:


  • Brightness: Ordinary screen < High brightness < Original
  • Color tone: Original (warm tone), the high brightness (a bit yellowish, closer to original display effect), the ordinary (cold tone, a bit bluish)


  1. Polarization test


We all know that if you wear polarized sunglasses, you can’t see what's on the common iPhone screen (Read the reason why here: Why you can’t see the iPhone screen with polarized sunglasses?). So what effect does polarized sunglasses have on the high brightness screen? See the test below.


6 - polarization test


7 - polarization test


8 - polarization test


9 - polarization test


10 - polarization test


Conclusion: The High brightness and Original iPhone 7 screen can be seen under the polarized sunglasses at all angles, while the common source may have a blind angle.


More details about the High brightness LCD screen test video here:



Any questions about the High brightness iPhone LCD screens, welcome to comment below.


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