Terms And Conditions

Purchasing from constitutes acceptance of the following terms and conditions. Please review these policies carefully and feel free to contact us as with any question prior to ordering.

Quality Control
Every warranted part we sell passes stringent quality control inspection prior to shipment. We, therefore, guarantee all such parts shipped from our warehouse are in good working condition. Our inspection process results in a slightly longer shipping period than some of our competitors, however, we have found this greatly reduces end user dissatisfaction. (Please note, on rare occasions, due to demand, before testing equipment for a specific device is available, we sell parts without warranty. If a part is not warranted it will be clearly noted on our site.)

Condition of Parts
Parts sold on are new, as new, or used with slight imperfections. Our dedicated Global Sourcing team works tirelessly to deliver the best quality product possible. Parts are secured both from OEM factories, and via reclaimed channels. Conditions are clearly stated on our site and we never ship an inferior quality than we advertize.

Shipment of Batteries
Due to shipping restrictions imposed by most Global shipping carriers, the shipping of batteries from ETS typically results in longer transit times. As well, ETS does not combine battery shipments with other types of parts. Please note when you buy batteries from standard ETS shipping terms do not apply.

Fulfillments of Backordered Items: maintains an extensive inventory of in demand parts physically in our warehouse. We apply a strict quality control procedures to all out bound shipments. In rare occasions out bound parts fail our QA process and our fulfillment process must be re-initiated. Such instances necessitate items be placed in backorder status. Such items remain in backorder status until qualified parts pass out bound QA. We make every effort to expedite each delivery in a timely professional manner. Refunds for back ordered parts are available. Customers must wait 7 business days before initiating a back order refund request. refund requests must be submitted via the back order refund request submission form (create this form and add link here). Refunds will then be processed within 5-7 business days of receipt of the refund request.

All parts are sold under warranty unless otherwise noted in the product page description. Replacements will be issued for any warranted non functioning, inherently defective, or incorrect part received by our customers.
We require that customers fill out and submit a WEA request-Warranty Exchange Authorization request ( on the left side of my account dashboard) within 30 days of receipt of product. All WEA requests received after 30 days of receipt by the customer will be denied.
Upon receipt of WEA claims ETS will issue a WEA number. Thus number authorizes return of product to ETS and allows us to track the progress of the WEA claim. Return of original product prior to part replacement is mandatory (and is at the customer's expense). ETrade Supply will conduct independent third party verification testing on all warranty claims before shipping replacement parts. If upon careful and professional inspection, returned parts are found to have been damaged by the buyer, or are found not to be defective or incorrectly claimed, the parts will be returned to the customer with a notice that their Warranty Exchange Authorization has been denied. All approved warranty exchange authorizations will take up to 4 weeks for delivery of replacement parts.
Our Warranty Exchange Authorization (WEA) process must be followed in order to have parts considered for exchange. All parts returned to ETS without a Warranty Exchange Authorization (WEA) number issued by ETS will be denied inclusion in our WEA process.

Returns and Exchanges:
Returns and exchanges are not available. Our products are warranted against inherent defects, however, due to the delicate nature of electronic parts we do not accept returns or exchanges. Please email us if you have product questions before placing your order.

ETS works tirelessly to provide rapid delivery to our customers. As such, it is not possible for us to halt delivery once we receive orders. Customers are responsible for placing accurate orders. ETrade Supply does not offer refunds should customers change their mind or incorrectly place orders.

Installation Instructions/Diagnosis Request
Although we are a cellular parts supplier, we cannot in any way diagnose your device, advise you how to perform the repair, or determine which parts you will need to repair it. Only a cellular/electronic repair technician can do that with the phone (or other device) in hand. Due to the nature of electronic devices there can be hidden damage that cannot be seen without fully testing the device.
We do offer basic tools used in cellular/electronic repair on our site, however, if you are undertaking the repair of your personal device, or are an inexperienced technician please be advised you are doing so at your own risk. ETrade Supply cannot in any way be held responsible for a negative outcome. Furthermore, if any part(s) you purchase from our site is damaged in the repair attempt, or if the part(s) purchased do not, in fact, correct the problem with the device, they are not returnable and the warranty does not apply.
The "take apart videos" are for the benefit of trained technicians. We are not responsible for any damage due to inexperienced repair attempts. ETrade Supply recommends that all electronic device repairs be performed by a qualified technician.
In many instances disassembling or opening the seal on your electronics devices will void your manufactures/retailers/insurance providers warrantee.

We accept credit cards via Worldpay, PayPal, bank wire transfer and Western Union. We currently do not offer payment terms. All orders must be paid-in-full prior to shipment of your order.
Please note:
ETrade Supply works tirelessly to protect credit card users and our company from credit card internet fraud. In instances when we suspect or determine that our products have been purchased fraudulently ETrade Supply reserves the right to issue a refund and terminate delivery. In such cases, ETrade Supply will endeavor to contact the buyer and make every attempt to complete a verified transaction.
All orders paid via PayPal must be shipped, per PayPal's rules, to the shipping address provided to us by PayPal. Please make sure the address selected when checking out on PayPal's site matches the shipping address you requested we ship your order to as inputted on your order. In the case of a discrepancy between these shipping addresses, we reserve the right to ship to the address PayPal instructs us to ship to without notification to the customer.
All orders paid by bank wire transfer must include an additional $22 USD to cover incoming wire transaction fees. If the full order amount, plus the $22 fee, is not received it will delay the processing of your order.

Privacy Policy
We respect your privacy. Collecting information provides specific benefits to our website visitors and allows us to successfully fulfill your order (e.g. collecting your information allows us to mail your order to the address you provide). We collect information for the following purpose(s): completing or supporting an activity; contacting our visitors (except via telephone) for promotion of the site or products.

Information is not shared with anyone outside our company. Of the information we do collect, we allow our visitors access to all collected information.

If you believe that our website has collected incorrect information or if you would like to dispute any information collected, please contact us at

Use of Other Company and Manufacturer's Names
ETrade Supply is not an authorized dealer, sponsored or endorsed, by of any of the companies / brand names listed on our site (with or without the company logo).