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OEM BlackBerry Curve 8520 Housing ,Light Purple

  • OEM BlackBerry Curve 8520 Housing ,Light Purple
  • OEM BlackBerry Curve 8520 Housing ,Light Purple
  • For BlackBerry Curve 8520 Housing Replacement ,Light Purple - Grade S+

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  •  OEM BlackBerry Curve 8520 Housing


    Length: 109cm

    Width: 60 cm

    Height: 13.9cm

    Product Features & ETS Advantage

    Product Features:

    The OEM blackberry curve 8520 housing is available in six colors: black, white, light blue, light purse, purse and red. With these options, one may feel free to choose a desired color.

    The For BlackBerry Curve 8520 Housing Replacement ,Light Purple - Grade S+ is composed of the front cover, the glass lens, the keypad, the chrome ring bezel and the battery door. Among these parts the 8520 front cover is available in two versions: one features the u-cover while the other one does not go with the u-cover. Choose carefully before buying the housing. The 8520 keypad is also available in three versions based on different importing trends and customs: the QWERTY keypad, the AZERTY keypad and the Thai keypad.

    The blackberry 8520 cellular phone is customized by different telecom operators thus the 8520 housings may feature different logos. For example, there are 8520 housings with the t-mobile or the at&t logo. There are also the housings without any operator’s logo except the blackberry logo.

    Please note that the blackberry 8520 middles plate features the same shape and size with the blackberry 8530 middle plate, but they are not compatible, for the antennas and signal flex cables on the two middle plates are different.

    ETS Advantage:
    There are currently two varieties in the market, OEM Brand New and OEM Reclaimed.  Both units are guaranteed 'A' Stock.  We have strict Quality Control procedures to ensure you receive a fully functioning, 100% satisfactory product.
    ETrade Supply has established the ISO9001 certified QC procedure. For each blackberry curve 8520 housing, we apply strict cosmetic inspection and functionality test process before packaging and transportation.  We also invent our own super-protective packaging method to give the maximum protection to the blackberry curve 8520 housing. Apart from this part, ETrade Supply also supplies other replacement parts of For BlackBerry Curve 8520 Housing Replacement ,Light Purple - Grade S+.

    Purchasing & Installation Notes

    The blackberry 8520 and the other 85XX series side keys are separate small keys that are directly installed to the middle plate. This is different from 83xx81xx and 88xx series whose side keys are installed on motherboard. Check and verify that the keys are complete before installation.

    The blackberry 8520 glass lens should be installed after the covers are installed. Note that the OEM 85XX series glass lens goes with the adhesive on the back and thus can be directly adhered to front cover.When disassembling the 8520, try not to lose screws and other small parts. They are useful in later use.

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