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  • For Motorola Moto X Style XT1575/XT1572 LCD Screen and Digitizer Assembly with Front Housing Replacement (5.7inches) - Black - Without Logo - Grade S+

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  • Compatible With: Motorola Moto X Style XT1575, XT1572
  • SKU:ESMOT1509290001-23-218
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  • Compatible With: Motorola Moto X Style XT1575, XT1572
  • For Motorola Moto X Style XT1575/XT1572 LCD Screen and Digitizer Assembly with Front Housing Replacement (5.7inches) - Black - Without Logo - Grade S+

    This item includes the following parts:

    1. LCD Screen;

    2. Digitizer Touch Screen;

    3. Front Housing.

  • (16)
    3.1 Stars
    Reviewed by Andr** Balanch** 
    (Posted on 02/04/19)

    Great screen, colors returned to it's original saturation! Don't have to turn brightness to maximum anymore to see it clearly. Glad I found this screen by forum link. Bought 4 screens from ebay - all waste of money and time.
    PS: Delivery to US could be cheaper, 40% is from price is somewhat high.

    Reviewed by Aashi** Shrest** 
    (Posted on 11/18/17)

    Cold pressed :) Great quality. BUT light bleed and high contrast points on black background along with yellow spots...

    [ ETS Answer ] Sorry to hear that.

    Any defective items you bought from us will enjoy 180 days warranty.
    Please open a RMA process on our website and then our RMA team will follow up it.


    Reviewed by Kiri** Ivan** 
    (Posted on 11/21/16)

    The 2 times i ordered and installed this screen there's white and dark halo against two screws. This can be "cured" by carefully loosening them, but take care, that's probably model specific. Further superb screen, no any problems.

    [ ETS Answer ] Thanks for your feedback and supporting!

    Reviewed by Dav** Whi** 
    (Posted on 09/16/16)

    Replacement screen works perfectly. No issues with installation, prompt shipping.

    I had a small issue paying which resulted in me accidentally paying twice, but my support ticket was handled promptly and the extra payment was refunded. I recommend disabling NoScript or similar tools in the shop!

    Reviewed by Ri** Ser** 
    (Posted on 09/06/16)

    Recommend ordering the screen with the front housing (plastic frame with screw inserts). Makes replacement much easier. Packaged very securely in cardboard, foam, plastic box, more foam, bubble wrap, and finally, a static resistant bag. After 5 days of operation the new screen looks good and the swiping motion feels good. There is one small bright spot (a few pin points) on the edge of the screen, possibly caused by a screw being too tight in reassembly.

    Reviewed by Ri** Ser** 
    (Posted on 09/06/16)

    Ordered the correct screen. Recommend ordering the screen with the front housing is important for ease of installation. New screen looks good and after 5 days of operation, the swiping motion feels just like the original. Have one small bright spot (pin point) on the edge of the screen where a screw may have been tightened too much.

    Reviewed by Mathur** Pro** 
    (Posted on 08/23/16)

    Replacement screen is working. Overall quality is ok (in term of colour & tactile behavior). I put a 2 (on five stars) because I have 2 lights (see attached pictures) visible on white/pale screens

    [ ETS Answer ] Sorry to hear that;
    Do you mean that everything of this item in good function except for the white spot in screens, right?
    In this case, could you please double check whether the screen is correct install to the motherboard, is there anything between the back light board?
    Then re-install and check; If it still not work, please send email to our rma@etradesupply.com .

    Thanks for your cooperation in advance.

    Reviewed by Patri** Golebiows** 
    (Posted on 08/23/16)

    This was a perfect fit. The first one I bought from another site didnt have the plastic enclosure to fit the screws, so I had to return it. Dont forget to buy the glue on here either. Double sided tape may be too thick.

    Reviewed by Mar** Dör** 
    (Posted on 08/12/16)


    Reviewed by Christ** Soteri** 
    (Posted on 07/18/16)

    Seems like OEM, if not its a fantastic knockoff. Either way I'm extremely pleased with this high quality product. Delivery was also very fast.

    My only complaint would be that my screen didn't come with a LED flash for the front camera but that wasn't a problem as you can just pop the one out of the broken screen ( Assuming you didn't break that as well) and it works just fine.

    Also a bit of a tip for when you're installing, the screws are T3 and easily strippable so be careful. Also make sure you don't screw them back in too tightly or it will leave pressure marks on the screen ( blue/red blobs that are visible on white and black screens)

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