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First time repairing a cellphone, went well I think.

By Sebastian *| May 18th, 2015| |
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My iPhone 5s fell from my pocket while I was riding my bike. The screen cracked but it still displays and is touch responsive. I took it to a local repair shop, but they said it would cost $150 to repair! Deciding that was out of my price range (I’m a poor college student) I Googled up some guides and parts dealers which brought me to Etrade supply. Looking on Reddit for reviews seemed pretty positive so I decided to place an order. It cost me less than $50 to buy a screen replacement and a tool kit. The package arrived 3 days later and was pretty nicely packed in my opinion. I then followed some guides on Youtube, and about an hour later my iPhone 5s was fixed! I was really satisfied with myself especially since this was my first repair job. Honestly, I’m on a confidence high, and the next time something breaks I’ll try and fix it myself as well.

  • Good job! Did you take some pics for the repair process?

    By Elmar C*| May 18th, 2015

  • Great job dude

    By Nacho S*| March 19th, 2016


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