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Etrade Supply

ETrade Supply is a vertically integrated phone parts retailer with operations in the United States, China and Hong Kong. Specializing in post sales consumer electronic solutions and services with a commitment to growth and innovation.
  • ETrade Supply maintains facilities dedicated to OEM new/reclaimed and contract production of consumer electronic repair parts. The foundation of our success rests upon our tireless dedication to vital and current industry knowledge, and our commitment to maintaining a cutting edge understanding of consumer electronics engineering, re-manufacturing and supply forms the core of what we do and who we are.

what we have

  • ETrade Supply maintains the most comprehensive inventory in the global wireless repair parts marketplace. We publish and distribute our products in real time via our comprehensive and dynamically maintained website. ETradeSupply.com functions as much more than just a web catalogue; it is also a database and CRM (customer relationship management) system that forms the core of our globally integrated enterprise resources platform, and allows for real time EDI between our global supply and distribution networks. ETrade Supply is a leading open source supplier of consumer electronics repair content, and regularly publishes repair guides and disassembly videos for high demand consumer electronics. ETrade Supply offers 24/7-tech support on consumer electronics maintenance via our Live Chat and repair channels. Providing maintenance guides, solutions and tutorials to the global consumer electronics community is what we do. We believe that in fulfilling our solutions mission as "open source" to as many people as we can, we help build our brand recognition and support the global consumer electronics marketplace as a whole.

who we serve

    • From enterprise level remanufacturers, corporate refurbishers, to independent repair facilities, ETrade Supply delivers scalable, reliable and competitive value with respect to supply chain integration. We succeed every day in our endeavor to deliver value to our global customer base by providing a comprehensive and reliable supply of consumer electronics repair parts, as well as repair knowledge. With subsidiary offices strategically positioned globally, ETrade Supply is able to efficiently maintain quick ship inventory on key parts in demand, while processing reverse logistic operations and consolidating freight to regional suppliers and customers.

Our Timeline

ETrade Supply Milestones.

  • YINGXUN Ltd (the predecessor of ETrade Supply) was founded in Shenzhen, China.
    Entered the mobile phone/parts market.
  • YINGXUN Ltd was first to create a "Vacuum Lamination Press" for the iPhone 2G LCM.
    Built relationships with more than 200 European and American customers.
  • Customer base expanded to more than 400 customers in 50 different countries.
    Successfully developed and produced over 20 types of products.
    Established North American market distribution partners.
  • Restructuring of company shares among the eight member start-up team.
    Expanded customer base, shipping to over 80 countries.
    Developed and sold more than 60 self-manufactured products.
  • ETrade Supply was founded in Hong Kong, China.
    Further expanded customer base selling products to over 110 countries.
    Recruited specialized engineers to the ETS team promoting the advancement and production of over 200 products.
  • Formal launch of ETradeSupply.com.
    Built collaborative relationships with more than 1500 repair shops, and set up 5 European and American distributors.
    Specialized QC team was formed.
    Expanded the business into injection modeling , LCM refurbishing, eco-friendly recycling, etc…..
  • Expanded to over 120 staff members worldwide.
    ETS was the first company to pass the ISO9001 certification within the mobile parts industry.
    Expanded our in-house cleanroom and QC room to over 12000ft2.
    Served more than 20,000 customers worldwide.
  • ETS team reaches 200 staff members worldwide.
    American branch opens in Dallas, Texas.
    Partnered with 5 of the world's top 10 Fortune 500 Enterprises.
    Supporting over 3000 repair shops, refurbishment enterprises and commercial companies.
  • ETrade Supply has reached 400 global employees.
    Over $2M in products have been shipped from our US warehouse.
    Taken part in post-sales wireless conventions held in Hanover Germany and Las Vagas US.
    ETS has become an authorized supply-chain supplier by several Fortunte 500 enterprises customers.

Our Advantage

Being ISO 9001 certified, we implement traceability systems to every part of our operations. Our system ensures the best quality and efficiency in all ordering processes from purchasing to quality inspection to shipment.

  • Business Solutions

    We offer customized business solutions to meet the requirements of enterprises no matter the size.

  • Quality Monitoring

    We have comprehensive quality monitoring and traceability systems to guarantee the quality of our products.

  • Flexible Cooperation

    We provide flexible options for customers of different sizes and needs.

  • Service

    We have a multi-national team to offer you 24/7 customer care and technical support.

  • Shopping Platform

    We are dedicated to being your one-stop shopping platform to save you time and money.

  • Professional Quality Engineer

    We have professional QC engineers to provide you with manufacturing support and services.


Our Brand Image

Our success is measured through the success of our customers.

      • To provide long-term value to our clients, to be a platform for individual potential, and to influence a globally positive environment by eliminating e-waste to landfill streams.

      • To be the leading global electronics parts distributor and solutions provider, build equitable partnerships, honor commitments, be courageous in all endeavors, disciplined in process and joyful in the imperative to self-correct through the expansion of knowledge.

      • ETrade Supply always adheres to: The best quality products, the most personalized service, taking customers as the core competency and knowing that the customer’s success is the embodiment of the measure of our value.


Inside ETrade Supply


Our Team

Our success is measured through the success of our customers.