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Enterprise Solutions Case Studies:


Volume OEM

When a corporate remanufacturer supporting the North American insurance industry required a complete parts solution for their EVO 4G build they turned to ETS.  Running over 6,000 units per month, with only boards as the repair base stock, they required a parts supply chain that could expand rapidly, deliver OEM specifications at a competitive rate, and deliver on time dock dates.  After thoroughly investing the global market place they turned to ETS.  ETS delivered complete a parts solution for housings, RF compliance, small parts and adhesives, and A+ grade LCDs and digitizers.  The project ran to completion profitably and ETS remains a valued part of the clients’ parts supply chain to date.


ETS Managed Consignment Inventory

Multiple enterprise level global remanufactures turn to the ETS Managed Consignment Inventory program to supply repair parts supply chain integration across the spectrum of build needs.  In support of consumer electronic OME / retailer’s after sales repair claims, such remanufactures require parts for a wide range of models, at varying degrees of monthly volumes.  Qualified enterprise level partners are able to offer forecasted lead times and thus participate in the program.  ETS is able to take responsibility for their repair parts supply, QC, and global logistics.  ETS provides parts on consignment to secure logistics points and offers terms once the parts are removed from inventory and applied to the forecasted burn.


LCD Housing Reclamation, & Value Recovery

A European enterprise level client whose core focus is centered on sourcing used phones globally, collecting to a central location for refurbishment, kitting, and then re-marketing to top tier retail markets, quires parts reclamation services for housings and LCD Digitizer assemblies.  ETS is able to efficiently and cost effectively manage the logistics process of transferring to lower cost Asian reclamation facilities experienced with the specific model requirements needed on an evolving basis.  ETS makes sure inventories are strictly managed in order to eliminate shrink.  Return yields are maximized (according to condition of the original stock), and reclaimed repair parts can be integrated in the clients’ refurbishment process at a fraction of the cost of OEM new.  The client benefits from greater control and reliability of their supply chain. 

What parts demand cannot be secured via ETS reclamation, can be secured through ETS standard supply chain solutions, and consolidated with reclamation yields.  As an added benefit much of the stock that cannot be yielded to top tier Levels is appropriate for 3rd world markets.  ETS manages distribution to

appropriate 3rd party refurbishers and thus significant value recover can be achieved for the client that would otherwise be lost.


Franchised Wireless Repair Chains, and Independent Repair Shops

Multiple wireless repair franchises, with walk in repair shops globally, turn to ETS to deliver just in time shipping, quality assurance, tech support, and industry leading pricing on their repair parts supply inventories.  As a vertically integrated wireless solutions provider ETS maintains the cutting edge knowledge bases required to service repair shops, supporting thousands of different models every day.  Our disciplined ISO quality assurance process allows us to transfer enterprise level remanufacturing standards throughout our global customer base, and the independent repair shop / repair franchise benefits from the same industry best practices as our global, publicly owned remanufacturing customers.   ETS is proud to offer repair shop level clients maximum competitiveness by selling globally at high volume and extending discounted savings to the independent business owner… we are in this together!