What’s wrong with the sudden inability to make calls on the iPhone?

I believe that in the process of using Apple mobile phones, you will occasionally encounter the situation that the mobile phone cannot make calls, so why can’t the mobile phone make calls? what is the reason? Spread the knowledge to everyone today!    

What's wrong with the sudden inability to make calls on the iPhone?

  First of all, let's rule out the simplest one: the phone bill... I won't talk about this issue, everyone knows what to do, just pay the phone bill and it's over.  

The mobile phone cannot make calls FAQ classification:


1. The iPhone is set

  In the settings of the iPhone, there are many functions that we don't know what they do. Sometimes it is easy to set them at will, which may cause the phone to be unable to make calls.   Playing machine master-What is the reason why the iPhone cannot make calls?   For example, if you set the contacts on your mobile phone to the blacklist, and you forgot to cancel it, the call cannot be made. At this time, you only need to find the blacklisted contact in the contact list of your mobile phone, and remove him from the blacklist. Or you can go to the settings, find the harassing call blocker, and see if the relevant contacts are blocked, and whether call forwarding and other functions are enabled.  

2. The SIM card is in poor contact or damaged

  This kind of situation is relatively rare. After all, many people will basically not take out the SIM card after inserting the SIM card into the new mobile phone. However, if your mobile phone has experienced a heavy drop, it is not ruled out that this will happen. At this time, you need to open the card slot to check the situation, and reinsert it to see if it can be used.  

What is the reason why the iPhone cannot make calls?

  In addition to poor contact, the SIM card is also damaged. After all, many people's SIM cards have not been replaced for many years.   At this time, it can be divided into hardware and software. After the card is inserted into the phone and the phone is turned on, it prompts "Please


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