World’s Biggest Selfie Powered By Nokia Lumia 730

You would be hard pressed to find knees on a bee likewise, you’d have a difficult time finding someone that doesn’t take selfies with his or her smartphones today. Traditionally, we take selfies alone or with several people together. However, have you ever thought of putting 1,151 people into a selfie? Is it possible? Well, Nokia did it with their Lumia 730.

Holding the event at the Bashundhara City Shopping Mall in Bangladesh, India on November 22nd Microsoft and Coca-Cola cooperated to encourage local citizens to register and participate, attempting to set the first official world record of unique number of people captured in a single selfie.

The result was 1,151 people were selfie-captured by a Nokia Lumia 730, which Nokia advertises is built for selfies with the wide angle, 5 MP front-facing camera as stated on their official introduction.

Now, Microsoft is still waiting for confirmation from Guinness on this record. Nokia is successfully refreshing the idea that Nokia phones are not only solid enough to accept any challenge from other phones, but also powerful enough to create the world record for selfies taken by any other cellphones. If you can take a selfie capturing 1,152 people, then you win!


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