Windows Phone 7.8 Said to Be Launched on Wednesday

Windows Phone  7.8 Said to Be Launched on Wednesday A video from China shows the low-end Nokia Lumia 510 running Windows Phone 7.8, which is an update to Windows Phone 7.5 handsets. The latest news shows that the Windows Phone 7.8 update will be arriving on Wednesday, November 28th. This low-end model has a 4 inch WVGA LCD screen with an 800MHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S1 processor, 256MB of RAM, a 5MP rear facing camera and a 1300mAh battery. Since it runs Windows Phone 7.8, the phone features the new Start screen with different tile sizes, new accent colors, the Bing lock screen wallpaper, twenty new themes, IE security updates and the ability to produce a ringtone using MP3 files. Those with Nokia phones will be able to produce draft versions of SMS messages and will have the ability to keep Wi-Fi running even when the phone is suspended. However, that might not make owners of Windows Phone 7.5 models completely happy since they are not getting the full Windows Phone 8** **treatment, and are locked into their current devices for more than a year. News from


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