White Nexus 4 Release?

[caption id="attachment_1499" align="alignnone" width="467"]nexus-4-white nexus-4-white[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_1493" align="alignnone" width="600"]white nexus 4 release white nexus 4 back cover[/caption]   We had heard a rumor last November that there was a white Nexus 4 in the works, and that it was planned for release in December (possibly bundled with the Nexus 7), but that never happened. We never saw any pictures of the rumored smartphone, but an anonymous source just sent us what could be the fabled white Nexus 4. According to the EXIF data on the image, the picture was taken with an LG Optimus G last week. This may mean the image is coming from someone within LG, or it may not mean anything. It certainly looks like a white Nexus 4, and you can even see the reflective pattern on the bottom right that was a distinctive feature of the black Nexus 4. We ran the image through FotoForensics, and it doesn't seem to be photoshopped, so it could be the real thing. Of course, this would only confirm the existence of the white Nexus 4. We still would have no idea when the device is planned for release. From PhoneArena  


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