White Nexus 4 May Launch with Android 4.3

Another leak regarding the white Nexus 4 is here but only the white back cover is visible, but it seems surrounded with a black screen on the front. The White Nexus 4 appears with the same specification as the previous black Nexus 4. When it comes to the Android OS, the white Nexus 4 is most probable to feature Android 4.3, Google’s next-generation OS. Planning to better demonstrate new services and APIs without upgrading the Android firmware, Google avoided the Android 4.3 announcement at the Google I/O.

With no more new leaks on the new Android 4.3, we still expect it to come with API level 18 Bluetooth Smart, while the current Android 4.2.23 is API level 17. What’s more, Nexus series smartphones, like Nexus 4, Nexus 7 or 10 should be compatible with Android 4.3. The black Nexus 4 has seen big sales numbers and has gained great popularity for its design, 4.2.2 Android version and $299. What new features or price will be pushed out by the new White Nexus 4? The leaked White Nexus 4 is White back cover with a black bezel. At least white bezel should be available to make this phone perfect. Also, LTE was rumored to support the White Nexus 4, but no mention in the new leak. Anything will be unveiled by next month when the device is released. Source: androidandme


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