What do Grade S+, S, A and R Stand for in ETrade Supply

One of the most common misconceptions we saw in the cell phone repair business is the various parts level, as there are original, OEM, Grade A Copy, High Copy, High Copy Grade A, Grade A, Grade A+, Grade AAA, Original Replacement or Super High Quality etc.. Since there is no clear quality standard for the phone replacement parts, it becomes extremely complicated to understand the true meaning and definition of each grades for buyers, especially for those who are new to this industry.


Generally speaking, depending on the materials used, the quality of the parts can be separated into different categories. In ETrade Supply store, we have 4 grades for them in particular.


Grade S+

Grade S+ is the highest quality level in our store, which means the part is 100% OEM manufactured and assembled, brand new. We get this kind of parts from the first level trader. Original totally.


Grade S

Grade S is the second high quality level. The parts marked with Grade S works as well as OEM, but the glass lens is not original, which is the only component replaced, meanwhile the whole part is same as new. 


Grade A

Grade A part is also made by original components. In fact, the parts marked as Grade A use all original components such as LCD screen, digitizer touch screen and glass lens. However, the materials are assembled by third party manufacturer while functioning well.


Grade R

Grade R parts, this kind of parts are original compliant. They are aimed to help repair shops or individuals to save more, and they are definitely capable of normal use.


More details, please check our Knowledge Base. Thanks. 


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    hi am looking for Asus kooe led can i get

  2. BY jay

    and which grade is better in terms of being genuine: GRADE A or GRADE S?

  3. BY jay


    Grade S

    Grade S is the second high quality level. The parts marked with Grade S works as well as OEM, but the glass lens is not original, which is the only component replaced, meanwhile the whole part is same as new.

    A question for you, is GRADE S ribbon cable genuine or not?


    • BY kaye

      Hi Jay, the ribbon cable of Grade S is assembled by the third party. The Grade S is better than Grade A. The difference between Grade A and Grade S lies in very slight cosmetic imperfections. Good option for customers who are not so critical with cosmetic aspects. Look the newest product Grade here:https://www.etradesupply.com/our_grades/. May this can help you.

  4. BY tj Decker

    Hello there.
    During 2016 I bought a $95 G3 d850 full front assembly.
    The best you sold at that time -above S Plus grading.
    As it turned out I didn’t need, it spoke with you about returning it, but decided to keep it because of the restocking fee.
    The need has arisen and the assembly was put in service 30 days ago…now the screen has progressed from knock code working sporadically, to black screen during calls, and now has developed one fine red vertical line right side of screen.
    I truly expected better, and believe that all three of these failures can be attributed to the replacement screen assembly.
    What is my recourse and solution at this point? The phone is always protected front and back, has never been dropped, and is in pristine condition other than the flaws noted.
    Thank you for your consideration I look forward to a quick response. TJ

  5. BY Jose Arabella

    I want to purchase Iphone 7 or iphone 7 plus however i dont want a lowers grade phone because getting the screen thus LCD might be difficult…also most shops or people sell very low standard phone. Please can you help me to detect the better grade of phone when purchasing. Thank

  6. BY ken

    Is there a difference in frame size or the fitting of the frame to the iphone between the S+ and R grade?

    • BY kaye

      Hi, ken, there is no size differences in grade S+ and grade R, grade S+ means the replacement is original and grade R means aftermarket replacements.

      • BY ken

        But, I’ve found that there are lens thickness differences between S+ and R grades (especially for the iphone 5 and iphone 6.

  7. BY Andrew

    What exactly grade name for LT and JDF lcd screens?

  8. BY lania

    grade R does it mean u cant use ur iphone6

    • BY Kaye

      Hi,lania. The Grade R LCD screen can also works normally with your iPhone, it just not the completely original replacement.


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