Must We Wear Face Shield and Goggles Outdoors?

The COVID-19 has been the most fatal virus in the world. The infection rate is raising since its spread in Europe and America. We have taken antivirus actions to protect ourselves by wearing masks, using hand sanitizer and isolating ourselves at home, but that seems not enough for us. Most people think there should be a defensive barrier we need to protect our eyes and faces to the surrounding air, especially in some public places or workplaces. Face shields and goggles are necessary for protection. Is that necessary for us? Must we equip ourselves outside the door? Let’s see the analysis below.    


1. How does the COVID-19 spread?

According to the earliest broadcast in China, the COVID-19 pathogen was found on animals. How come it spreads on humans? It reminds a mystery. This virus can be transmitted from human to human in any places. When someone is affected, coughing or sneezing may be a transmission of the COVID-19 virus. People stand within about 6 feet from the affected person may catch the virus in respiratory droplets. Although wearing a face mask has greatly decreased the infection rate to a person, it is still possible that one gets COVID-19 infected by object surface touching. When we touch our eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands, it is a way for virus transmission. Wash hands with sanitizer soap could eliminate more than 90% virus on our hands, furthermore, protecting our faces from harmful particles in the air is more important.  


how virus spread


2. How to stop the virus from spreading?

There are mainly two ways to stop the virus from spreading, one is eliminated the source of the virus and the other is cut off the transmitted route of the virus. We wash our hands with sanitizer soap and spay with ethyl alcohol for elimination, that’s an effective way to kill the COVID-19 virus from the original source. Besides, we take our body temperature and go to the hospital immediately once we have a fever. This is helpful to eliminate the virus from spreading from the source. We isolated ourselves, no gathering, no parties, and public activities. This is unacceptable to most of us but it is a good way to cut off the transmission route of the virus. Furthermore, wearing face masks outdoors is a way to stop the virus from transmitted from person to person. If you are working in some special places like hospitals, chemical place or laboratory, a face shield would be necessary equipment for you.    


how to keep the virus from us 


3. Must we wear face shield & goggles outside?

As we mentioned before, the virus can be transmitted via body fluids as splashes, spray and spatter from infected persons. A medical face mask can filter 90% harmful particles in the air, but it only works for respired protection. On the other hand, face shields and antivirus goggles are generally not used alone, which requires in conjunction with other protective equipment and are therefore classified as adjunctive personal protective equipment. If you work in a hospital, or some special place like food processing, chemical industrial or laboratory, then this equipment is necessary for you. Good face shield or closed goggles are made of strong, durable and transparent hard plastic material that provide us all face protection. If you are going to a crowded public place, such as shopping mall, metro stations or markets, waring face mask, face shield or goggles is advisable to you.


Must we wear face shield and goggles


All in consumption, it necessary to wear a face protective shield or goggle together with face mask if you are in some special professions. We also recommend you equip yourself if you are going out to some public place since the COVID-19 spread this time. Finally, we suggest you go to our shop for antivirus supplies such as KN95 mask, closed goggles, face shield, etc. You may contact us or email us if you need any medical supplies. Follow us on our blog for more knowledge about antivirus, and keep healthy for you and your family.


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