Do you know that there are four ways to maintain an Android phone?

There has been a long-standing debate on Android phone freezes. Some Apple phone users will use the phrase "Apple phones will not freeze for three years, and Android phones will definitely freeze after three months of use" to demonstrate the durability of Apple phones. In fact, there was no breakthrough in the hardware performance of Android in the early days, and the combination of software and hardware was not sufficient, and the problem of mobile phone freezes did occur. With the development of mobile phone software and hardware, the situation of mobile phone freezing has been greatly improved. So, how can we avoid lag in daily use and prolong the service life of mobile phones?  

1. Timely management of background software + scheduled restart

  Many friends do not manage the background in time when using mobile phones. All running apps are running in the background. This will increase unnecessary power consumption on the one hand, and increase the load on the SoC of the mobile phone on the other hand, increasing the chance of freezing. Therefore, in daily use, we close the apps that are not in use, which can not only improve the battery life, but also reduce the load on the mobile phone SoC.   Secondly, apps that are frequently used can be set to be resident in the background, and other apps can turn off the "resident in the background" function.   Background management combined with scheduled restart (recommended to restart once a week) will have a miraculous effect. Our mobile phone will close a lot of software after restarting by default to improve the fluency of the mobile phone. Background shutdown + scheduled restart can solve many stuck problems.      

2. Download the App through regular channels

  Apps downloaded from official channel software stores not only guarantee the software user experience, but also have sufficient guarantees for the security of the software. In the process of browsing the web on the mobile phone, we will pop up the download program inexplicably. Generally, apps downloaded from unknown web pages may increase the freeze of the mobile phone and may steal user privacy. However, these problems can be effectively avoided in regular software stores.  

3. Regularly clean up the data in the mobile phone

  Regularly clearing the data in the mobile phone can also effectively reduce the freeze of the mobile phone. In addition to various apps, our mobile phones also have various pictures, files, short videos, chat records and other content, and these data will occupy a large amount of mobile phone storage space, and excessive occupation of mobile phone storage space will also cause mobile phone freezes.   Using the phone's built-in phone manager to regularly clean up the phone's storage can reduce the chance of phone freezes. At the same time, data such as photos, documents, and short videos in the phone can be stored in the personal computer or stored in the cloud disk synchronously.  

4. Pay attention to the maintenance of screen and battery

  Paying attention to the maintenance of the screen and battery can also effectively prolong the service life of the mobile phone. Most mobile phones on the market now use OLED screens. Compared with LCD screens, OLED screens have better visual perception, but OLED screens are prone to burn-in and aging problems. A small trick to delay the life of the screen is to try to Use dark wallpapers (OLED screens have the characteristic of displaying black and not emitting light) to slow down the burn-in speed of OLED screens.   The most important thing about battery maintenance is not to overcharge the phone. You can unplug the phone after it is fully charged, and you don’t have to charge the phone overnight. In addition, the battery is not overcharged/discharged, which can effectively prolong the service life of the mobile phone battery.   Conclusion: The above four points can effectively prolong the service life of mobile phones. The best way to prolong the service life of mobile phones is to develop good mobile phone usage habits.


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