Watch Out for the Scam Site

ATTENTION! Another website is claiming to be us! Please be on the look-out for a fraudulent website claiming to be ETrade Supply. “” has stolen our images, meta data and other proprietary contents of our page. DO NOT give any personal or billing information to any other websites claiming to be ETrade Supply!


Recently, if you search “etradesupply”, “iPhone 5 parts”, “iPhone 5 replacement screen” or other cell phone repair related keywords on Google, you may find the appears on the search has copied our site content to appear as Etrade Supply. The reason is to rank higher in front of googlebot. If you click their links in a Google search result, it will redirect you to the site called “” which is aiming to collect your personal and business information. We are currently working with Google to prevent this from happening. Please help us to prevent fraud by reporting any suspicious activity you notice. At Etrade Supply, you and your business are our top priority and we do our utmost to protect you and your personal information! 

We’ve already report their duplicate content attack to Google while it’s still need some time before their ranks gradually drop. Thanks for your support, this crappy site now only takes a few keywords rank in Google.


Be careful that this kind of attack may happened again, not only on our website, but also other wholesale cell phone parts website. Check their verification on the site given by third party like Norton, do not give our personal and business information to any sites without a clear contact information. These will keep you away from any phishing sites.


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