Video: iPad 5 Casing Detailed Comparison with the iPad Mini 2

People previously have seen the comparison video of the iPad 5 and iPad 4 in terms of the front panel. Surprise! Today a new video published by Unbox Therapy shows an outer casing for the purported iPad 5 with the older iPad. The video confirms many rumors we’ve met about the upcoming iPad 5, especially previous speculations said that the new iPad would take a lot of design cues from the iPad mini. [caption id="attachment_4689" align="alignnone" width="300"]iPad 5 Casing Detailed Comparison with the iPad Mini 2 iPad 5 Casing Detailed Comparison with the iPad Mini 2[/caption] The outer casing emerged in the video reveals a tablet that has thinner side bezels than iPad 4 despite having the same screen size compared to the older models. The purported casing also suggest that the next iPad will become more sharply on the edges and won’t feature sloping rear curves that previous generations have. The video also claims that Apple has brought the iPad mini’s separate volume buttons over to the full-sized iPad 5. The next generation devices including the iPhone 5S, ipad 5 and iPad Mini are around the corner. Many people hope that Apple can launch the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, and lots of scientific websites such as BGR, Appleinsider also guess that Apple could release the next generation iPad and the iPad Mini 2 on September 10th. However, it is also possible that Apple may hold another releasing event in October this year. The full video follows below.


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