Verizon, Sprint and MetroPCS Said To Release the Galaxy S4 Together?

AT&T has made the Samsung Galaxy S4 available for pre-order on Tuesday, which is the first carrier to release this most popular device. It is said that the Galaxy S4 will be available from at least six mobile operators. Taking Galaxy S3 for example, so many versions for one device may take Samsung much time to design for the parts. It seems that Samsung has also been aware of this question, so this time in Galaxy S4, it’s different. Let’s take a look at below pictures.   There isn’t too much difference between above two versions of the Galaxy S4 front housing except for the model numbers. The front housing on the right shows i9505 as an international version supporting LTE network. While the one on the left shows I545, L720 and R970, which are most likely for Verizon, Sprint and MetroPCS respectively, so the function of these three phones could be the same. Unlike Galaxy S3, this time Samsung has combined the three CDMA carriers together. From this change of Galaxy S4, we can see that Samsung has made a great improvement, because it will not only save the cost for the design and manufacture but also add to the convenience of post-sales maintenance, parts recycling and reuse. The release date of Galaxy S4 from these operators is not available yet, rumor has it that possibly they will come out next month.  


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