How to Upgrade Your iPhone 6/6S Storage From 16G to 128G

Users have complained a lot that the iPhone6/6s 16G storage doesn’t satisfy us. Even though the 128G model is optional, we still hope our iPhone internal memory could be more powerful on storage. Here we try to introduce a new technology of iPhone 6s storage upgrade from 16G to 128G. To be mentioned, the process we introduce here is under skillful technician with special equipment. We don’t suggest our iPhone users do it by ourselves. This could be risky so we hope you guys think about times before you do it to your iPhone 6/6s.

Step 1. Check your iPhone 6/6s functions, make sure they are OK

Step 2. Restore your iPhone data with the iPhone system repair tool

iPhone system repair tool

Step 3. Teardown iPhone 6/6s and remove the iPhone 6/6s LCD screen

  1. 1. Teardown the iPhone, steps refer to our YouTube video of iPhone 6s teardown
  2. 2. Remove the LCD screen and disconnect the flex
  3. 3. Take out the motherboard

drive on motherboard

Step 4. Pry the drive from the motherboard

  1. 1. Put the motherboard on the PCB holder
  2. 2. Blow with the hot air gun on about 200℃, clean the drive at the same time

hot air gun blow the iPhone motherboard

  1. 3. Continue blowing the drive on 280℃ to 380℃ until glue melted
  2. 4. Pry the drive carefully with a razor blade from the motherboard

pry the drive from motherboard

Step 5. Rewrite the iPhone drive date with 128G via system repair tool

rewrite iPhone date

Step 6. Clean the PBC black adhesive and the tins

iPhone drive on motherboard

Step 7. Align drive with PCB bonding pad and coated with solder paste

coated with solder paste

Step 8. Align BGA stencil with the drive, adjust it by hot air gun blowing

Align BGA stencil with the drive

Step 9. Connect motherboard back to motherboard plate after it is cold down, install the LCD screen back

Step 10. Restore iPhone via iTunes and activate it, check the current capacity. Storage upgrade completed

These are all the steps about how to upgrade your iPhone 6/6s storage from 16G to 128G. We suggest you go to a professional repair center if you really need to upgrade your iPhone internal memory storage. Besides, anything about iPhone repair technique support, welcome to ETrade Supply for consultation. ETrade Supply also provides iPhone 6/6s repair parts for wholesale. Please E-mail to us on



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