How to Unlock SIM /Solve Region Lock Problem for Galaxy Note 3

People who buy a new Galaxy Note 3 in Europe or Latin America may encounter the region-locking problem when they try to activate their new handset in United States. Some Samsung galaxy models released by different regional carriers in Europe or the US are restricted from using by unapproved SIM cards. But some Note 3 users complained they purchased the note 3 in full price without contract deal in Europe but the device was unable to be activated when they went back to America.

How to Unlock SIM Solve Region Lock Problem for Galaxy Note 3

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3’s region lock problem disturbs many consumers, and it is ultimately a mistake for Samsung Inc. But the same problems also exist in Samsung’s other Galaxy models, like Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note II or Galaxy S4 mini, etc and it seems Samsung does not plan to unlock the Note 3. They only mark essential notice on the Note 3 box: “European Model: This product is only compatible with a SIM-card issued from a mobile operator with Europe.” or “American Model: This product is only compatible with a SIM-card issued from a mobile operator within the Americas.”

The region-locking issues bring inconvenience for users. Travelers who purchase a new Galaxy Note 3 from overseas and forget to activate the device in the local area can try the following steps to solve the Note 3’s region-locking problem. The solution is also workable for different carriers’ devices on SIM lock problem.

Step 1: Insert a SIM Card to Galaxy Note 3

Firstly, you can insert a SIM card which is unapproved to Note 3, for the SIM card is not issued by the local area or the corresponding carrier.

Step 2: Dismiss the SIM Card Lock Window

After the SIM card is inserted, a window pops up with “Unlock” and “Dismiss” buttons. Tap “Dismiss.”

Step 3: Download the Region Lock Away App from XDA

After dismiss the SIM lock window, you can download the Region Lock Away App to your Note 3. This latest version of App can be founded from XDA.

Step 4: Install the Region Lock Away App

Find the related download file and open the downloaded App. Notice: you may need to tap OK to Unknown sources in Settings. Then install the Region Lock Away application.

Step 5: Select “Region Unlock” 

After running the Region Lock Away App, you can select the “Region Unlock” in the App window.

Step 6: Reboot the Note 3

Go ahead and finish the region unlock by rebooting your device.

After rebooting the phone, you will not need to enter a SIM unlock code again. Your Galaxy Note 3 is free to use any SIM card all over the world.

  1. BY suraj sah

    Mera samsung c3122 model ka mobile sim lock ho giya he.use unlock kese kore.

  2. BY Md Hemal

    bro my phone name Samsung grand can i unlock my phone?i brought this phone from Soudi Arab.model SM-G530H/DS IMEI 357213068496957 & 357214068496955.So what can i do???

  3. BY nujum

    samsung galaxy j1 india not verkig sim peeles gi me rejister no…..

  4. BY farrukh

    i purchage samsong s7 edg from ksa how i ues at pakistan

  5. BY Ostap

    Could you tell me how to unlock samsung j5 (approved for Nordic operators)?
    Region losk away v1.3 is not work. Device is rooted.

    • BY mobileUnlocked_com

      Contact us we can provide this unlock codes. Just contact us.

  6. BY heavyboy

    I purchased a Sansung Galaxy S3 in Malawi(central africa). and whe i used a local simcard there it was working perfectly, now I’m in India and when I tried to use an Indian Simcard it is not Responding.
    What can be done for it to start working?

  7. BY HankF1

    This is ridiculous! I just bought 5 new Samsung Galaxy S4 from Aliexpress in China. I approved the purchase after checking that the phones were working and weren’t clones, i wasn’t aware of the region lock.
    I sold the first one to a friend i work with for cost and he came back and said he went to every carrier and tried to activate it and none of them could get the sim to work, the notification was “INVALID SIM”. The sales reps told him that the sim card slot was no good and the slot needed replaced. I guess he wasn’t aware of Samsung “regional lock”.
    I tested the other 4 phones with my working AT&T sim and every phone gave the same “INVALID SIM” notification.
    This really sucks! I purchased the phones as UNLOCKED and paid close to retail for them.
    i’m now in the process of rooting every single one of them and trying the regionlockaway app. Hopefully the app works on gs4 as well as the Note 3. If it doesn’t work i guess i can call Samsung CS and beg them to turn the lock off if they can.

  8. BY murugesan

    I recently purchased a note 3 from saudi arabia and brought it to india. After inserting the sim it gave me the problem of regional lock ,which is y I sent the phone to saudi arabia inserted a local sim and the phone was working pretty fine n now when I brought it to india it again asks for sim unlock code ..I havent used the fone yet .. plz temm if my phone would get spoilt if I follow the above steps.. plz help as soon as possible …As I am a resident of india I badly need to use the fone ova here…

  9. BY Abu Fatima Mohammad Ali

    just i purchased Samsung A3 from Saudi Arab and sent it to My home in India but when my brother inserted the sim from india – its asking for – Network selection password – what should i do ?? please send me reply on my email – muhammad1600 @ gmail . com

    • BY habib

      hi dears
      iam in turkish i have samsung mobile galaxy s5 g900f
      after 60 day it locked its mean it accept sim but emergency call only i go to shop of mobile repair that told me we will repair itpair it for 200$
      but i dont have so many -can you help me plz i have box for repair samsung mobile like z3x octapus and laptop plz help me how to repair it without go to registertion to guvernoment thanks?

  10. BY harman singh



    i want to unlock my samsung galaxy note 3. I have bought it from soudi arabia..whenever i insert my sim it demands sim network unlock, can u please help me out..

    • BY HankF1

      I think the SIM NETWORK UNLOCK CODE is different than the regional lock. Your phone may not be sim unlocked. With the regional lock you get an INVALID SIM notification in the pull down notification panel. Sim unlocking is really easy, there’s all kinds of tutorials on that online.

  12. BY waseem

    i have the simple solution, ……..just email samsung “contact us” from the country of purchase

    i bought a note 4 from saudi in jan 2015 , but indian sim do not work, ….in the box there is a pamphlet which says to unlock i must call (in/out) for 5 minutes…but i dont have a arabian sim, i contacted some local phone shops , they asked rs 3000 to unlock, i did not want to spend more money on a legaly bought phone…so i called samsung india, they said i have to contact saudi samsung, so i emailed samsung saudi, email is in arabic, but we can type in english….they repied with an email asking for model,imei, bill photo,…i sent it and they replied with the unlock codes …and it worked

  13. BY Aamir Ahmed

    If i buy unlocked SG note 3 from us and have it unlocked and all ,will i be able to use any gsm sim card of india and 3g and 4g services?

  14. BY lydia


    I bought 2 brand new galaxy note II from Hong Kong, unlocked. for to be used while I was visiting. came back to the US, the phone works fine as a phone on T-mobile. However, it is not able to hook on as a 4G, only giving me 2 G speed for data. Called T. Mobile, they had me changed the APN and mobile carrier name to, etc etc, still, only have 2 G speed. any suggestions/help?

    thank you!

    • BY Prashanth


      This is not related to region lock. You phone is working and u are able to place a call or receive.

      The issue you are facing ,i guess is related to 4G band compatibility.

      Because LTE band are diff in Asia and USA for diff carriers.
      Im not sure which model you are using, but you can try the specs of the model you have for 4G band of Tmobile or At&t.

  15. BY sarath nair

    Iam using samsung s3 European model now I still saudi this working but india not working how to unlock this mobile plis help

  16. BY nima

    Dear all friends,
    Please note that to unlock the region lock, when you arrived at your homeland (or when you travel to a foreign country), you must first use the local sim card of the country you buy your phone from it (for more than 5 minutes) in your own country which you live in it and then you can use your own sim card.
    For example if you buy European version and want to use it in U.S. first you must use an European sim card in the U.S. for more than 5 minutes and then you can use an American sim card.
    Good luck

    • BY Gkhan

      Nima is completely right. I bought a European model in Germany. First time i use it in Turkey with a Turkish sim-card. As you can predict, it didn´t work for me. So, i just placed my German sim-card and made some calls. Maybe around 10 min outgoing and 5 min incoming calls. After that, i tried my Turkish sim card again. And it was working. No region lock for me anymore 🙂

  17. BY Bridgette

    Hi there everyone, it’s my first go to see at this site, and article is actually fruitful in favor of me,
    keep up posting these types of articles or reviews.



  19. BY amelt

    my phone is unlocked thtough spring im stationed in baumholder Germany got a sim card everything works fine except it will only allow me to make calls and receive them not use the data plan that comes with my sim card any suggestions?

    • BY Mateen

      To use the internet call your SIM card provider and ask them for Access Point Names. It is in the Settings – More networks – Mobile networks – Access Point Names – you will need the Name and the APN information from them. I had the same problem in Afghanistan on my S4 from USA. The only annoyance is that it shows a warning Phone activation The SIM Card is from an unknown source, but every thing else works. good luck.

  20. BY khna

    note3 samsung sim unlock pin requird

  21. BY SamsungMan

    Hey ppl. If you contact Samsung UK and ask them for the code they can request it! Worked for me…

  22. BY Tom

    I am currently in Saudi Arabia and have a SGS4 LTE. I wrote to Samsung Saudi Arabia about the Region Lock and the following is their answer
    Dear XXXXXX,

    Thank you for contacting Samsung Electronics.

    Please find hereafter, our response.

    Dear Mr. XXX


    In case you are using the mobile phone for 10 minutes calls in Saudi Arabia before traveling to UK will open the region code automatically.

    Thank you

  23. BY Brandon


  24. BY Vinod

    hi All,
    You will need buy unlock codes from websites who offer. if you have to use N9005 from locked region to unlocked region. the 5 minute call in locked region and then using it in other region is not working for most people. the region lock stays put. we will have to buy unlock codes which range from 14 to 35 euros. have not shortlisted any website yet hence not listing it. Try the service providers who give you all 4 unlock codes which will ensure u can keep the phone unlocked.

  25. BY Bunny B.

    If your device states no network or no sim/insert sim, than your phone is region locked. If you can root the device than you can install the app which will unlock the region. If your phone or device cannot be rooted, for whatever reason, you can pretty much forget using it as a phone. You will void the warrant if you root, and you cannot use the phone at all, period. So whoever suggests this isn’t a big deal doesn’t know what he/she is talking about..
    I really liked the s3 phones, thought Sammy really had a good product, until this debacle with my phone being region locked and no way to root because they have yet to roll out the latest os for the s3 in the U.S. Samsung, I hope you lost billions of $ because of locking phones to regions. You deserve to lose billions of $ AND millions of your customers. I for one, will never EVER consider buying a Samsung ANYTHING after this. I’d rather go with Apple and I HATE apple products.

    • BY afroz shah

      u need any help abut rootng samsung device contact me or wats ap me +919029081977

    • BY sarath nair

      I have samsug s3 how to unlock this mobile uk modele I am now still saudi sorki g I going to india this not working how to unlock plis help

  26. BY LMAO

    This is not such a big deal, the region lock only last 5 minutes. After your first 5 minute call, you can use the phone anywhere in the World with any SIM card from any operator in the World.

    The 5 minute lock is probably to prevent people from Europe buying the phone cheaper from the US or other regions.

    • BY pradeep

      Hi. I am in asia now. But I do have an european sim. Will it work if I make a try call? I know this European sim has no coverage here. Still curious to know.

    • BY Sam

      Please tell me how to unlock my SM9005 model of the Galaxy Note 3. I’m in Ghana.

    • BY Bunny B.

      I don’t know where you got that info, but you’re wrong. If a device is region locked, that means you cannot use the Sim, because it won’t recognize the sim, period. If you can unlock the phone so it won’t be locked to any one particular region, than you can use it for making phone calls. Otherwise, you’re stuck with a $ brick. If you try to make a phone call it simply won’t work. So, if you are making calls with your phone, than it is not region locked.

    • BY Isabel

      Please I just got delivery of a galaxy note3 with the seal of european sim model are you positive its onlyto make a 5minutes call and it will be unlocked to any other sim outside the EU? I really don’t want to break the seal if I can’t use it elsewhere

      • BY Bunny B.


        If you got your Samsung device out of your country, it’s region locked and you cannot use it, not even for a 5-minute phone call. Unless you cant get a Sim from its country of origin, you’re kinda’ stuck. I’d either send it back, or sell it to someone. Good luck.

  27. BY Rasoul

    i have a question?
    can i use of Region Lock Away App after updating to android 4.4.2 ?

  28. BY Claudio

    I tried this procedure did not work. Anyone else had the problem?

  29. BY Docomo

    Before Christmas I was about to buy Samsung Tab but after I found what does this company caused to its costumers, I spent my money on something more valuable than its restricted boxes.

  30. BY vijay patil

    I am disappointed after buying note3. This is completely un acceptable. I think Samsung will loose smart phone market very soon. Very soon they will seat with blackberry and Nokia. This gave me direction throw this Samsung smartphones. Best luck Samsung and good bye.

  31. BY Isaac

    What is the meaning of XDA


      What is the meaning of XDA


  32. BY devilosmania

    Hi due to my experience I can confirm that the zoning can be removed from the galaxy note 3 legally in less than 10 min using the following procedure:
    1 – buy a SGN3 🙂 even with the label of Europe or US zoning.
    2 – If you have MK2 version you go to the step 3 if not you need to update using the WIFI.
    3 – insert a European or a US SIM card and make a call for 5min (sending or receiving).
    4 – insert an international SIM and voila no more blocking.

  33. BY Ninu

    I bought Note 3 4G LTE and found out that it is European model with the message written on it that it doesnt work. When I opened the phone, it booted as normal phone but I saw this software installed.

    Please advise if it is safe to uninstall the software now. I am getting a message that the phone has prevented some illegal program from updating. I doubt if its this software.

  34. BY mcnose

    The Application from Google Store requires the phone to be rooted, is there any other way to run it without doing so?

    • BY Bunny B.


      As far as I know, and I’ve spent the last three days reading about how to solve this problem, the only solution is the Unlock app but the phone must be rooted. My phone is brand new, given to me by my b/f. And since he got it for me in Europe, I can’t use it in the US. And I can’t root because Samsung has yet to release the newest os here in the states. And without being able to root my phone, this app won’t work, nor will any of the SU apps etc. So basically thanks to the greed of Samsung i’m stuck with a phone I cannot use. Samsung, you suck!

      • BY hi can u tell which procesors in ur phone and chipset name

        lot of method of rootng availble so plz tell me ur phone model no android version
        n chipset name ill try 2 short out ur problm as soon as

  35. BY bradpit

    I’m still comfused to bye samsung because of this region lock. i will not sacrifice my money to bye samsung phone if there is a problem like that. i like samsung before but now i will change to other phone.

  36. BY Davit

    My Galaxy S4 is locked within US only. If I activate it here, does that mean that I’ll be fine overseas?

  37. BY rashmi

    I recently purchased a note 3 from saudi arabia and brought it to india. After inserting the sim it gave me the problem of regional lock ,which is y I sent the phone to saudi arabia inserted a local sim and the phone was working pretty fine n now when I brought it to india it again asks for sim unlock code ..I havent used the fone yet .. plz temm if my phone would get spoilt if I follow the above steps.. plz help as soon as possible …As I am a resident of india I badly need to use the fone ova here…


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