Top 5 Helpful Motorola Moto X Tips and Tricks

As the first device of Google’s Motorola acquisition, the Moto X has drawn much public attention. If you have got the Moto X, these top 5 tips and tricks for the Moto X will help you make the most use of your phone.

Moto X Tips and Tricks

Tip 1: Active Display

If you don’t want to press the power/unlock button to check the notifications on your phone, the Moto X is your better choice because of its special Active Display feature. The Active Display feature could flash up the time and an icon for any notifications you have, like a missed call, a piece of the message, a new email, and more. You can tap the icon to see the contents of the notification at the top of the screen. You can swipe up to see it, swipe left or right to put your phone to back to sleep, or swipe down to unlock your phone. Besides, you can go to Settings -> Active Display -> Manage notification types to customize the notifications you want to display. Of course, if you don’t want this feature, you can also turn it off completely by going to Setting -> Active Display.

Tip 2: Touchless Control

The touchless control feature enables the Moto X to respond to your voice, even if it’s asleep on the table. You can go to Settings -> Touchless Control -> Train launch phrase to train your phone to recognize your voice and only respond to your voice. Please remember to say “OK Google Now” to wake up your Moto X, and then say the command you need, such as say “OK Google Now, navigate to Anderson Park.” You can get a list of commands by saying “OK Google Now, help me.”

Tip 3: Camera

The camera shortcuts of the Moto X could help you quickly catch every important moment in your daily life. The first shortcut is the camera icon on the lower right. You can slide to open the camera instantly without unlocking your phone. The second trick is to double flick your wrist while holding the phone, then the camera will launch quickly and you can take a snap. Is this awesome? Another tip of the camera is the HDR (High Dynamic Range) camera.  You have to turn the HDR camera mode on to take vivid photos with contract and color.  When the camera is open, a slide of the finger from the left side of the screen will bring up the control dial. The HDR option right up the top should be turned on if you’re not taking action shots because the still object will benefit from this.

Tip 4: Motorola Assist

Motorola Assist is an app that switches off notifications during certain times of the day based on three conditions: driving, meeting and sleeping. If you’re driving and the GPS is turned on, the Moto X will automatically default to your driving settings. You can tell it to “Talk to me”, so it reads the message for you or tells you who is calling. You can also take calls by saying “Answer” or reject them by saying “Ignore.” If you have a meeting on your calendar, your Moto X will keep silent during that time. Besides, you can set your Moto X to remain silent during your sleep time. The default sleep time is between 11 Pm and 6 Am. You can change the settings to suit your own routine.

Tip 5: Battery life

There’re many common tips for saving battery life for various cell phones, like reducing the brightness, closing the apps when you don’t use them, etc. But for the Moto X, there’s an exclusive built-in battery saver feature. You can go to Settings -> Battery -> Battery Saver to turn it on. Then when your battery drops to 15 percent, the saver will automatically restrict background data, and reduce the screen brightness and timeout. Have you found other useful tips and tricks for Motorola Moto X? Let us know in the comments below.

  1. BY Harriet

    Thanks for the tips! I got a new MotoX with the 13mp camera and tip #3 above has me confused. “The first shortcut is the camera icon on the lower right. You can slide to open the camera instantly without unlocking you phone.” When my phone is locked and I pick it up it shows the time and the icon of a lock. There is no camera icon. I must unlock the phone, then tap on the camera icon. Is there something that needs to be changed on my phone to show that camera icon when the phone is locked? Thanks! PS, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this phone!


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