Top 5 Destruction Tests on iPhone 5

Nowadays many smartphones are being made stronger and stronger to prevent them breaking the first time you drop them. Take the iPhone 5 for example; aluminum rear housing and gorilla glass have given it great protection. However, while most people want to keep their phone as safe as possible, some people are having fun destroying them in the most creative ways. Here are my top 5 picks for the best iPhone 5 destruction videos.  

No. 5 iPhone 5 VS Car Ran Over & Thrown To Destruction

The drop test is a common way to test the toughness of the phone. From the video, we can see that the iPhone 5 can survive being run over by a car, but when it comes to a throw-drop test, the iPhone 5 cannot bear the force and the screen crashes.  

No. 4 iPhone 5 VS Boiling Hot Water Test

People are always hopeful that their iPhone will be somewhat waterproof. But after watching this video, I think the iPhone 5 won’t live up to people’s desire. It can only survive about 17 seconds in boiling hot water, which is a little bit disappointing. So please take care of your iPhone 5 when you’re around the swimming pool or beach for fear of being pushed in, and getting water damage.  

No. 3 iPhone 5 VS Drill How strong is the iPhone 5 LCD? See this guy doing a drill test drilling a sharp steelhead on his iPhone 5.

It is unbelievable that he had tried three times but failed to kill the phone and just broke the glass.  

No. 2 iPhone 5 VS Chainsaw So the iPhone managed to survive the drill test, but how will it perform against a chain saw? This video will answer that. This is perhaps the fastest way to dismantle your phone.


No. 1 iPhone 5 VS 50 Cal Snipe

Doing a gunshot test on the iPhone 5? That‘s crazy! This guy might be overdoing it a bit. Maybe if you’ve got a Kevlar case. So that’s the top five iPhone 5 destruction tests I’ve picked out for you. If you find any other interesting tests, leave a link a comment section. Let’s see what’s out there!


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