Top 10 Features You Should Know About Apple WatchOS7

Apple released the newest WatchOS7 system for Apple watch this fall. We can see that Apple always makes a surprise to us just as it did to the iPhone with iOS14. What differences does the WatchOS7 system make to our Apple watch? In this article, we will tell you 10 of the most useful features of WatchOS7. Try these features and you will see that your watch is not just a watch.


1. More new watch faces for users to customize

Apple has added seven new watch faces for users to choose this time. Just tap on the watch app on iPhone and we can see there are many new watch faces to customize. Besides, we can customize our favorite watch faces in different color directly on our Apple watch. Just tap on the edit button and select buy scrolling the digital crown. What’s more, we can share our customized watch faces with our photo and add filters on it. It’s very easy.


Apple watch faces


2. Multiple complications

Apple offers users multiple complications to choose, which can be added to the same watch face to make a great looking Apple watch face. There are also several new stock complications including the Sleep app, Shortcuts, World Clock, Moon phases, and Camera Remote app. These new complications allow the respective features to open with one tap from the Watch Face.


Notification management


3. Easy notifications management on Apple watch

Apple makes it easy for notification management on Apple watch. When you go to the notifications, you can see there is a clear button to clear all the notifications. The force touch on the Apple watch screen has been removed. Also, there is a button for us to manage notifications from the notification center. We can turn off notifications from our watch here. It’s convenient.


Siri translation


4. Smart translation with Siri

Siri on WatchOS7 Apple watch is also an amazing function. We can vocally translate most languages with Siri on Apple watch via Siri. For example, when we turn on Siri and say “How to say hello in Chinese?” Then Siri will answer your question in a few seconds. Besides, the words will show on the screen directly which makes it so easy for us to read.


WatchOS7 camera app


5. New updates on the camera app

There are big updates on the camera app in Apple watch. Here we can set up the photo shooting timer, and we can switch the rear camera and the front camera. Besides, we can change the flash with auto on or off, and we can select to turn on or off live photos. Moreover, there are other functional settings on the camera app setting. It’s very cool.


Hand washing App


6. Intelligent handwashing timer

There is a special function on WatchOS7 Apple watch for us to calculate our handwashing time. Apple crates this function on watch just for purpose of reminding us for the notice of personal sanity and health. When we turn on this function, our watch will be a 20 seconds timer to detect our handwashing time. It’s very interesting.


Apple watch Sleep timer


7. Schedule your sleep time

You can also set up your sleep time and woke up time on the Apple watch. Besides, you can manage your time on the Full Schedule. Here you can turn on your sleep schedule to set up your sleep time of every day. Then your Apple watch will automatically power off during your sleep time and on in your wake up time.


Multiple complications


8. Quick path to Message App

Apple watch will have a big blue button for users to go to the message app for new message writing. This goes the same on the email app. When we tap on the button we can go to compose a new message on the message app. This makes us easy and convenient for new message writing and reading on our Apple watch.


Quick path to message app


9. Shortcuts

We will have a shortcut app on our Apple watch. When we tap on the shortcuts app, we will see a list of shortcuts that enable us to go to the functional app directly. Shortcuts apps are more on iPhone and there are some them that can be supported on Apple watch. Even though, our watch still can well provide convenience for us.


WatchOS 7 shortcuts


10. Check the battery health on battery setting

The WatchOS7 makes our users check on the watch battery health easily on the Apple watch. When we tap on battery on Settings, we can see the accurate data on showing the percentage of the Apple watch battery power. Besides, we can check the maximum capacity of the battery by tapping on battery health. We can also choose to customize the battery charging or not here.  


Check Apple Watch battery health


The WatchOS7 system is compatible with almost all Apple watch models from series 3 to series 6, and Apple watch SE as well. If you still want to know more hidden features about WatchOS7 or iOS 14, you may sick on Etrade Supply blog for the latest news about Apple products. Furthermore, you may go to our store for some new Apple watch LCD screen and replacement parts if you are interested. Besides, you may leave your comments if you have questions about the 12 WatchOS7 features above. We are glad to discuss it with you.



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