Tips of Trying Out the Nexus and GSM without Commitment

ETrade Supply knows that Many people are excited about many of new features of the Nexus 4, and we are very glad to see  Google decided to launch the unlocked GSM model of the Nexus 4, the most of all, the phone would be sold all over the world. Today we introduce the ways of trying out this Nexus and GSM without commitment.

Step 1: Purchase the phone Starting Nov. 13, the Nexus 4 will be available in the Google Play Store. So you can Pick one 8GB or 16GB version up.  

Step 2: Select a carrier If you're interested in trying out the AT&T network in your place, Straight Talk maybe the best choices. The SIM and activation kit can be got from their site with $14.99 (normal on sale at $9.99) and filled with a month of unlimited service for just $45.

Straight Talk Information

Activating a Straight Talk SIM

If instead you're worry about trying out T-Mobile's 42 Mbps network offerings, the price is even lower. You can get the SIM activation kit is filled with 100 minutes and 5GB of data for another $30.

T-Mobile Monthly 4G Information

Activating a T-Mobile SIM  

Step 3: See if it's right for you

Activate the SIM and you're good for 30 days of testing. Carry it around with you next to your current device, and see how it works. Use it just as your other phone. Download apps, make calls, tether, everything -- just put it through its' paces. If at the end of the 30 days you decide that the network -- be it AT&T or T-Mobile -- hasn't performed to your liking, then just let the SIM expire and toss it out. It means you are easy to sell the Nexus 4 for about what you paid, or at that point even get a premium tossing it on eBay. Experiment over!   Tips From

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