Top 8 Tips and Tricks for Your HTC One

HTC One has been well received since it was released, although it has several issues as mentioned before. After you get this device, do you know how to make the most use of it? If not, here are the helpful top 8 tips and tricks for the HTC One, which could help you use this handset with less obstacles.

Top 8 Tips and Tricks for Your HTC One


1. Tips for Taking A Screenshot on HTC One

  Tip 1: Hold down the Power button and the Volume down button simultaneously until you hear the camera shutter sound and see the screenshot of your phone’s display. Tip 2: Hold down the Power button and the capacitive Home key simultaneously until you hear the camera shutter sound and see the screenshot. You’ll find the screenshot in the Notifications bar or you can also see it in a Screenshots album in Gallery => My Photos.  

2. How to Get Over or Customize BlinkFeed

  HTC blurbs its BlinkFeed feature that you can simply select the social networks, news and feeds you want to stay updated on and they’ll all stream live to your home screen. However, many users complain that they don’t get used to this feature and want to get rid of it. Unfortunately, you can’t disable it entirely but it’s possible to use the HTC One without BlinkFeed being in the way. You can set up your home screens like the traditional home screen by long pressing on any home screen and then long pressing the thumbnail at the top of the screen. You’ll see the option “Set as home” appears. Select any screen rather than BlinkFeed. Now you have finished the customization of the HTC One home screen.  

3. Tips for Customizing the HTC One Lock Screen

  If you find the default lock screen is not personalized, you can customize it by going to Setting => Personalize => Lock Screen Style. Then you can choose a style and wallpaper, select photos from your Gallery or pick up the emails, missed calls, texts, calendar events and music player.  

4. How to Secure the HTC One Lock Screen

  The default security setting is “none”, which means anyone could gain access to the data in your phone once he gets it. Therefore, in order to protect your private data, you’d better secure your phone’s lock screen by going to Settings => Security => Screen Lock. You can choose from a pattern lock, a numerical pin, a password or even your face. But the face Unlock is not every safe, don’t rely on it too much.  

5. How to Upload You Photos to the Cloud Automatically

  You could back up your snaps through opening up the camera, tapping the three dots in the bottom left corner of the screen, and selecting the Camera Options => Auto Upload. Then simply choose the services, like Google+, Flickr, you want to upload the photos to.  

6. How to Disable Beats Audio

  Beats Audio is one of the HTC One’s highlights. But if you don’t like it, this tip could relieve you from this trouble. You can turn it off by simply going to Settings, scroll down to the Phone section and switch Beats Audio off.  

7. Tip for Installing a Custom Keyboard

  Do you know you could install the on-screen keyboard you like on your HTC One? If not, go on reading. You can download the alternatives in the Google Play store. After you have installed the one you like, go to Settings => Language and Keyboard and select your new option. But before you discard the default one, make sure your try out the “trace to type” option, which you can enable from the Language and Keyboard menu.  

8. How to Speed Up the HTC One

  If you are not satisfied with the speed performance of your HTC One, you could speed it up with these following tips Tip 1: Going to Settings => Developer Options => Advanced and turn off some of the animations in the Animation section. Tip 2: If you don’t see Developer options then go to Setting => About => Software information and tap on Android version several times to unlock it. Tip 3: Going to Settings => Apps and swipe to All, and scroll down the list and select each app you don’t need and then tap Disable to make sure there’s nothing running in the background that you don’t want. For more HTC One features, you can access to the HTC’s help videos by going to Settings => About => Help => Tips & Help. Welcome to leave comments about your experiences of the tips and tricks for the HTC One.
  1. BY Bobby Novosad

    oops! tried it a third time and it worked too! I may have been moving too fast. Thanks for the tips!

  2. BY Bobby Novosad

    #1 is exactly what I needed! It definitely worked. Still can’t get rid of the BlinkFeed (#2). “Set as home” never appears, even after following the decribed steps.


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