The New ipad, perfect?

On march 7th 2012, Apple released its new generation tablet, named The New ipad. Only a week later, Apple announced that 3 million units were sold during the first week, breaking its fastest selling ipad record. After being sold in more countries around the world, the total selling figure would bound as sky rocket. Though global Apple fans' enthusiasm for buying ipad 3 has not fade yet, many of them who have bought complained about some shortcomings of this hot sales.  1.Wi-Fi problems The most annoying issue of ipad 3 is its weak Wi-Fi reception problem. Some of the customers complained that their devices often lose connectivity in a blink. The download speed is quite sluggish compared with ipad 2 and iPhone 4s in the same situation. Fortunately, the Wi-Fi problem only happened in Wi-Fi version and Apple is taking measures to research and deal with this problem. 2.Over-heat issue It seems that many users have encountered with ipad 3 over-heating problem. Compared with ipad 2, clearer Retina display, more powerful processor-A5Xchip and supporting for 4G LTE, all these cost more energy consumption. When holding the ipad upright in portrait mode, the low left-hand corner may be liable to become physically warm.  3. Limited browser As other Apple products, ipad 3 do not support other browser except imperfect Safari, which is difficult for users to shut up pop ups and boring. For it was founded by Apple, some website and apps don't support include Adobe Flash and Google documents.


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