Survey Reports Samsung Galaxy Phones Simpler than iPhone

The latest survey which conducted by a branding agency Siegel+Gale shows that Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones are simpler than the iPhone. 400 people researchers participate in the survey and suggest that iPhone’s “brand simplicity” handily exceeded Samsung’s on the company level. The survey researchers found that Samsung’s Galaxy lineup features”easy-to-use— from high-speed file transfers to instant photo-tagging and sharing — making it conveniently for users to share information.”

Siegel+Gale said that “on a product level, challenger Galaxy has knocked the long-standing simplicity champion onto the canvas and out of first place.” The new generation smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4, will hit the market all over the world in the coming weeks. We’re not sure if it’s simpler or more complex than earlier Galaxy phones, but we believe that the sales are expected to top 10 million units during the phone’s first month of availability. News from Siegel+Gale


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