Sony Xperia XZ Screen, Battery, Charging Port Flex Teardown Review

Released in October 2016, this Xperia XZ is another amazing flagship phone Sony brings to us. With 5.2-inch touch screen, IP68 certificated, 23MPa rear camera, Snapdragon 820 chipset, this high-performance smart phone also comes with high price. Here we’d like to show you the whole teardown process of this Sony Xperia XZ, showing the ropes on how to replace this Xperia XZ screen assembly, battery, charging port replacements etc.

These repair tools will be needed during the disassembly work:

Step 1 Remove Screen Assembly

First of all we need to power off the phone and take out the SIM card tray. Then use a heat gun or hair dryer to heat up the display edges and the suction cup to pry up the screen carefully from the middle frame. After a small gap was generated, insert a thin plastic card and slide to cut the front housing screen adhesives. Or you can use a plastic spudger/guitar pick to slide along the screen edges to clear all the adhesive stickers. After all the adhesives were cleared, then we can lift up the screen assembly. Be careful, there exist the screen flex cable at the bottom side. Remove the plastic cover and release the connector then screen can be removed. So this is the Sony Xperia XZ screen assembly. Here we can disassemble the ear speaker now.
Step 2 Remove Battery
First we need to pull off the small adhesive tape here. And then 9 Phillips screws need to be unscrewed. After that, we can remove this small metal cover and release the battery connector. Now we can take out the middle plate assembly, the battery is sticked to the LCD plate. There are 2 battery stripes underneath which makes the battery sticked tightly to the LCD plate, pull them off then battery can be easily removed.
Step 3 Remove Type – C Charging Port Flex Cable
Remove this plastic bracket cover first. Then disconnect the charging port flex cable connector and signal cable connector. And there is one more Phillips screw at the bottom side. Remove another plastic bracket cover next. Then 2 signal cable connectors need to be released. Now we can pull out the charging port flex cable. It seems that the blue part can be separated from the charging port flex cable assembly.
Step 4 Remove Small Parts
We are going to start with the signal cables. They are being clipped. Now remove motherboard. First we remove the plastic cover. And disconnect the headphone jack flex connector. Then we can take out the motherboard. The front facing camera and rear camera can be removed after disconnecting their connectors. Back to the middle housing assembly, we can remove headphone jack now. Be careful there are waterproof adhesives, use tweezers to cut them off. Then the loudspeaker module. It was sealed with waterproof adhesives too. Now we left the power& volume button flex cable assembly to remove. Use a tweezers or spudger to pry up the flex from underneath gently. Be careful the fingerprint sensor button is connected. Use a tweezers to separate them. Now we have disassembled the whole Sony Xperia XZ, hope it can be helpful for you to know it better. If you have any suggestions please leave a comment below to share with us!


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  1. BY Michael

    hey very nice Pic, one quation ist the glas from the camer on the batterydoor or on the frame ? thx Michael

    • BY kaye

      Hi,Michael, actually the camera glass lens is glued on the battery door.


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