Sony Xperia Z Ultra – Waterproof with Specs to Dominate the Phablet Market

After rumors floated around for almost a half year, the long-awaited Sony Xperia Z Ultra finally came out yesterday. The Japanese tech giant aims to make its first phablet to compete against Samsung’s Galaxy Note family. [caption id="attachment_3446" align="alignnone" width="296"][6.4-Sony-Xperia-Z-Ultra-unveiled]1 6.4-Sony-Xperia-Z-Ultra-unveiled[/caption] The Sony Xperia Z Ultra is considered the fastest and largest phone as well as the thinnest Full HD phone so far. It is the first phone equipped with the quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor running at 2.2GHz. Its large display at 6.44 inches, has taken Sony’s Triluminous technology from Sony TV, featuring a Full HD 1080p resolution. And among the Full HD phones in the world, the 6.5mm Xperia ZU is the thinnest one yet. What is surprising is the phone has a superior waterproof functionality, reaching an IP58 level, which means the phone can stay in deep water for over half an hour without being damaged. The device also features 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage as well as a microSD slot for external memory extension. The rear facing camera is 8MP with an Exmor RS sensor. With such strong hardware, people might wonder how long the battery will last. Backed up by a 3000mAh battery, the Xperia ZU is claimed to have the world’s longest audio playback at 120 uninterrupted hours and talk-time can be as long as 14 hours, which is far longer than the average of 5.5 hours. The Sony Xperia Z Ultra will be available starting Q3 2013 in white, black and purple. The price for this largest ever phone is said to be around $650-$700. Will people go for it or wait for the Samsung Note III? Let’s wait and see who wins the battle of the phablets.


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