How to solve the problem of stuck iPhone?

I believe that when you use your mobile phone, you will encounter the situation that your mobile phone crashes. It doesn’t matter whether you are using an Android phone or an iPhone. It is useless to press the shutdown button to force shutdown when an Apple phone crashes. Do you just wait for the phone to crash? Does it automatically shut down when the battery runs out? So what causes our iPhone to freeze? How to fix iPhone crash? Don't worry about these, let the editor below help you.    

1. Reasons why the iPhone freezes

  1. There are too many softwares on the mobile phone, and many softwares are not closed and placed in the background after they are used up, causing the mobile phone CPU to run efficiently for a long time and the running memory to be full. The editor here recommends that after using the software, if it is not necessary, it is recommended that you develop the habit of closing the software after using it, so that our mobile phones will be smoother and the consumption of all aspects will be reduced.   2. The mobile phone download software is not compatible with the system. You can think about whether you have downloaded any software recently. It may be that the system has not performed various compatibility tests on the software and caused our iPhone to crash.   3. The mobile phone uses non-original hardware, because with the newer generation of iPhone mobile phones, the detection and monitoring of mobile phone accessories is getting stronger and stronger. Using non-original accessories will cause a pop-up window to appear, and it will cause the mobile phone to crash .   4. The mobile phone has been used for a long time, and the various hardware of the mobile phone is aging. The editor recommends that you restore the factory settings or replace with a new mobile phone. There are many other reasons that the editor will not list here one by one. You can browse past news to learn more.      

2. Solutions to iPhone crashes

1. Long press the power off button + home button and wait for more than 10 seconds, and observe whether the phone restarts automatically (if using software, wait for the phone to go black and then turn on the iPhone Logo to prove that the restart is successful).   2. Long press the power off button and the "+" sound button, and wait for the phone to restart (this method is applicable to iPhone 8 and above models)    

Bonus method for restarting other iPhone models after crash:

  1. For models above the iPhone 8 series, we restart by pressing the "+" sound key, then pressing the "-" sound key and then pressing the power off key until the white Apple logo appears, which proves that We forced it successfully.   2. iPhone 7 series phones need to hold down the power button and the "-" sound button and wait for the classic white Apple logo to appear to prove that the forced restart is successful.   3. If the iPhone 6s crashes, press and hold the power button and the home button until the iPhone logo appears, and it will restart successfully~


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