How to solve the problem that the screen of Apple mobile phone cannot be swiped?

The mobile phone screen is the most important part of the mobile phone. We often carry out our daily mobile life through the mobile phone screen. If the Apple mobile phone fails, then our mobile phone is equivalent to a brick. Problems with mobile phone screens are not only common in domestic mobile phones, but also in the famous Apple mobile phones. Recently, some netizens are asking what to do if the screen of the Apple mobile phone cannot be swiped. Through investigation, it is found that problems with the screen of the Apple mobile phone are high-frequency events, so the following will bring you the solution to the problem of the screen of the Apple mobile phone not being able to scroll.   The Apple mobile phone screen fails and does not move. The solution is as follows:   1. Clean the screen The static electricity on the screen caused by drying will cause the touch screen to malfunction. Gently wipe the entire screen with your hands, or remove the protective film to clean the screen.         2. Press the lock screen button   Insufficient memory of the mobile phone may also cause the touch screen to become unresponsive. Press the lock screen button a few times, and it may be restored.         3. Restart the phone   After restarting the phone, see if the touch screen returns to normal.         Apple screen material   1. The screen material of Apple mobile phone is IPS material.   2. IPS hard screen technology is the most advanced LCD panel technology in the world. The hard screen is a film with a layer of resin attached to the surface, just like people wearing glasses.   3. The reason why the IPS hard screen has a clear and ultra-stable dynamic display effect depends on its innovative horizontal conversion molecular arrangement, which changes the vertical molecular arrangement of the VA soft screen, so it has a more solid and stable liquid crystal structure.   Most of the problems with the mobile phone screen are only temporary, and sometimes it can be solved simply by restarting the mobile phone, or through the above methods, but if the above violations cannot be solved, it needs to be sent to a professional The maintenance point has been repaired, and if it is still in the warranty period, it can be sent to the manufacturer for repair. But in any case, it is necessary to develop a good habit of using mobile phones, because only through good habits of using mobile phones can we ensure that our mobile phones are in a safe situation.


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