How to Solve the Common Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems

Many people previously reported that their Samsung Galaxy S III can't work normally for one cause or another, almost all of them are maddening when they came across the device's issues such as poor reception, can't make calls, short battery life, email showing in different colors, sudden death syndrome and etc. Does your Galaxy S3 have these problems? If so, no need to worry, these are the most common problems that most users complaints in different areas, and we'll try our best to provide the solution to each case.

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[caption id="attachment_4045" align="alignnone" width="300"]How to Solve the Common Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems How to Solve the Common Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems[/caption]


Problem One: Poor reception

In most cases, this problem is mainly caused by the different types and structures of antennas that you used. The strong metro coverage should be fairly consistent across handsets. If you previously had good quality on the iPhone or other handsets then we can make sure that the account is setup correctly. So the issues you met either relevant to the SIM or the phone itself. Just to be sure, you'd better organize a SIM swap to the appropriate size. Otherwise, you can also consider sending the device to Samsung to be checked.


Problem Two: Wi-Fi dropping or not detecting

Many people reported that they have trouble connecting to Wi-Fi networks, maybe their Galaxy S3 is connecting fine, but then dropping the connection later, this is a wider Android smartphones’ problem. You can go to Settings > Wi-Fi and hit the menu button again to choose Advanced and make sure that Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep is set to Always. Lots of people who have this problem reported that an over-the-air update fixed it, so if you still have issues it is likely related to your router. You could install an app such as Wifi Analyzer and check if you can find the problem.


Problem Three: Emails showing in different colors

When someone has been sent emails to you, the phone seems to (arbitrarily is seems) render either a white background or black background. If you switch the font color to white, you will find the device works great when the email is rendered with black. However, renders the email text invisible when a white background email comes in.

The solution to this issue: Within Settings -> Power Saving there is a setting for Background Color for email and internet. Turning this off and you will solve this issue.


Problem Four: Audio and microphone issues

It’s very hard to have a smartphone conversation when people can't hear your voice clearly or you can't hear them. Earlier many users found the problem of the Galaxy S3 microphone and the signal strength was dropping sharply after calls. The speakerphone function can’t work smoothly and loss of audio.

Restarting the handset could temporarily resolve this issue, but that’s obviously not the best solution, so you should try this solution: Go to Settings > Accessibility and make sure Turn off all sounds is not checked to begin with. Now go to Settings > Sound and make sure your volume levels are correct and sound is turned on.

Hit Phone > Menu > Call settings > Additional settings and then uncheck Noise reduction. Some people have reported less echo and clearer calls with this turned off.


Problem Five: Vibrating to music or audio

Some users told us that their Galaxy S3 was vibrating when they played music or even when they operated a specific audio app. Here is an easy way to fix this issue: Go to Settings > Sound and make sure Auto haptic at the bottom is toggled off.


Problem Six: Copy and paste doesn't work

Some users were copying and then they found the phone has no option to paste and others came across crashes when they want to paste copied text.

As a matter of fact, there hasn’t an ideal solution to solve this problem. The first way is to factory reset the device, the second way is to root the smartphone and clear the data from the clipboard. Please note that no people can promise that the issue won’t return after factory reset. Samsung officially has known this fault, but the company has not revealed an ideal solution.


Problem Seven: Battery life

Battery life is an obvious flaw for all smartphones. Some users came across a surprising battery drain on the phone, even when the Galaxy S3 is not in use.

If you installed Chrome, fire it up and choose Settings > Developer tools and then uncheck Enable Tilt Scrolling.

Some user have published huge battery savings by turning off LTE in Settings > More settings > Mobile networks > Network mode. There’s a fact that if you don’t have LTE in your area, the battery drains faster because the phone keeps searching for it. Having Wi-Fi turned on all the time can actually help as it consumes a lot less power than connecting to a handset network, but you must be in range of a Wi-Fi network or the search for a connection will have a similar draining result.

Some users think that Samsung’s preinstalled apps can use much battery life even when you’re not using them. Some users reported success after disabling their Samsung account and numerous Samsung apps. Go to Settings > Applications manager and choose the All tab then disable Samsung Account, Samsung Backup, Samsung Apps, Samsung Cloud Data Relay along with anything else on the list you don’t use. The disabled apps drop to the bottom of the all list so you can always enable them again if you meet any problems.


Problem Eight: Overheating

Many people have reported issues with their Galaxy S3 overheating. The device features the thin design with a big screen, a big battery and a powerful set of internal parts, so the longer time you use, the hotter it will get. If your Galaxy S3 becomes very hot and crashing without intensive operation, the device could have a hardware problem.

The effective solution is to take a break for a moment so that the phone cools down. If you’ve been operating something for a long time, then it will heat up again. If it is heating up on standby or with low levels of usage, then you should contact the flagship store or seller and check if the hardware is faulty. You should be able to get a replacement smartphone if they find the issue.


Problem Nine: Sudden Death Syndrome

This has an effect on some 16GB S3 handsets and it’s something to do with your flash memory (eMMC) chip. If your phone has this issue then you’ll find that your S3 doesn’t switch on at all whatever you do. If you’re afraid of your device being affected, you should check whether the phone is at risk with the eMMC Brickbug Check app or not.

Go to Samsung Support, you could get it fixed or get a replacement If you find your Glaxy S3 is dead, because Samsung has revealed a fix for the problem, so you don’t need to worry about.


Problem Ten: Random freezes

This is a software problem and related to an Android update. You can reduce the frequency by turning off Wi-Fi or the phone data connection, however, it’s not convenient. You can also pull the battery, but we don’t recommend that. The best way to resolve this problem is to roll back the software. You should return it and get a replacement if you encounter this issue with a brand new smartphone.


There are many other little problems and complaints you might encounter when you use the Galaxy S3, so welcome to tell us your issues and how-to by our official Twitter, Facebook or Google plus.

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    so here it occurs.

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  2. BY ingrid

    my samsung s3 is black screen but still works when i charged it it shows the light but i cant see anything since its black 🙁 please help

    • BY

      Hi Ingrid, have you dropped your Samsung S3, it hears like the LCD SCREE is broken. May this can help you.

  3. BY intikhab

    i have a problam when sim insert
    my samsaung blaze 4g then full betry will b off and hand set betry totly low when sim remove then set

  4. BY Andy


  5. BY Rebecca kick

    I have a Samsung S3.I charged my phone today,but now it has the logo and keeps saying downloading and now I don’t know how to stop it.i can’t turn it on at all. I had it working fine all day today until now.what could cause that to happen?

  6. BY Brian Finch

    My, Samsung Galaxy A3 keeps cutting of when receiving or dialing out calls, I have tried to get information of the internet, but nothing is helping, could you get a dealer to call me, and talk me through on the phone please, my contact numbers, 0839961551 or 0235411080 (preferable use the land line then I can work with someone on my phone. Thanks you. Brian Finch.

    • BY jenny

      did you find out how to solve your samsung problem i have the same thing happening.

      • BY kaye

        Hi, just read this article carefully, you can solve your problems as it said. If you have any other questions, you can tell us here.

  7. BY Phil

    Hi Does anyone know the setting to allow my Samsung to link to my PC ?

    It charges but wont link and view on the screen using the USB lead, it used to but I must of altered a setting ! grrrr Thanx Phil

  8. BY Lana

    What if setting is not working after an update and a factory reset did not help?

  9. BY Chad

    My Galaxy S3 is stuck on handshake mode. I removed battery but it will not reset or allow me to go to the settings to change it. What should I do?

  10. BY Patti

    My gallexy will no longer skroll. I believe I did it. I was going to use the voice feature and now my phone no longer works by the touch of swipe. Can you help me get back to where I can answer calls. I think it is making me tapp twice to get anywhere. But then in my setting, I cannot skroll down.

  11. BY Abdi

    I have just bought Samsun Galaxy 3,( 19300) i connected to charge to be full, but it’s restarting for it’s own, and continuous sound all time, then later i have seen Dowlnloading…………. Do not turn off target!!
    so what is the problem?

  12. BY paul mcloughlin

    what does no connection to network mean and how do i fix this

    • BY Davi

      the device can’t detect the SIM card?
      May be there is something wrong in the antenna module or flex cable. We can’t figure it out by several words. You’d better turn to your local repair shop.

  13. BY netx

    samsung galaxy s3 touch screen stops responsiving when i get calls or when I try to hang up
    I have to hit the on/off button and hope it starts working ( works to receive calls but will not to hang up)
    it’s driving me nuts

  14. BY Elaine

    updated system. message popped up: unfortunately, package access helper has stopped and another message: unfortunately, system UI has stopped. Help!


    Dear Person In Charges,

    Kindly help me to solve a problem, My phone Samsung S III still auto restart when switch ON and only stuck at SAMSUNG logo even i already reset/format to factory default.

    Really need your help.

    Thanks & Regards

    Shukri Shaari
    +6011-2126 7091

  16. BY susan elcock

    my e.mail when I delete them it has a counter on my e.mail app keep adding on all the time

  17. BY Tintin

    Hi my samsung galaxy s3 experienced sudden death and i dont know how to fix it.pls help me

  18. BY Alex

    I have an 18 month old galaxy S3 and all of a sudden its started dying! Lqsy nught thw phone rang but the screen was completely unresponsive, the battery life has always been a bit rubbish on it but it went on charge last night at 11pm and at 7am this morning it was still only charged to 90% Ive hardly used it this morning within an hour and its dropped to 60% already! I’m on a 24 month contract so wondered if there was anything I can do without having to spend money on an early upgrade to get a different phone!

  19. BY Mike

    If you dropped your phone and there is something not working with your screen or any sensor,
    it is very possible that this component lost contact with the motherboard.

    Every component is connected with the motherboard by a tiny plug.

    It is a very easy and FREE repair and even a 12 year old kid could do this.

    Check the youtube videos how to open your phone.
    Remove the cover and make sure all the plugs are connected by pressing them towards the motherboard.

    All the best:)

    If you could…

  20. BY Madeline

    My galaxy s3 was working perfectly fine this morning- it was fully charged and hadn’t ever been dropped was sending and receiving messages.. Then suddenly the screen went black. I can still receive messages and calls and the screen responds to touch the only thing that doesn’t work anymore is the screen!!! How can I get this fixed?!

  21. BY lisa

    mine does thast as well and its been repaired twice and its still doing it when it came back from repair they said it was find obv not and they wont give me another one because they said theres nowt worng

  22. BY Pulkit

    hey I HV s3 n I m Facing the problem that it overheats fastly n then starts restarting automatically need help pllzz give any idea to resolve the problem

  23. BY Andy

    My SAMSUNG Galaxy s3, doesn’t respond as soon as I press either the home button or the power button. Sometimes it does, but usually the touch screen takes a few seconds to light up. When there’s an incomming call, the touchscreen doesn’t light up, and I have to press the home button several times to get the touchscreen light up, and sometimes when it is in my pocket, it resets by itself.

  24. BY Carl

    My Samsung Galaxy S3 won’t play music or video audio, the system audio works fine. The only time that it plays sound is when I have headphones plugged in, it won’t play through the speakers on the phone, does anyone have a solution?

    • BY Nupur

      Hi, I am facing the same problem. Did you get any solution ?

  25. BY Ted

    Also texting didn’t go through. I have to turn my phone off and on every day. What is going on?? Software or my phone issue?? Please help…

  26. BY Ted

    I had my Samsung S-3 over 2 years. Problems: 4G, GPS and Drop call
    1. I had know my 4G not working when I at area show wifi available and I didn’t even turn on my wifi. The 4G were very slow.
    2. GPS working fine when I drive to work but at night not working. It kept showing looking for location. It happens every night.
    3. I never have any problems making phone call at my house. Now I had so many dropped call and calling out.

    Contact Verizon, they kept tell me my old was out date. Need a new phone. Please help if you can?

  27. BY Sharon

    Galaxy s3 is frozen in downloading mode. Went to update software and its been stuck for over 24 hours. Picture of green android with downloading under it. Also states do not turn off target!!! No buttons will work. If I unplug from charger it goes black. What is the problem??

  28. BY josie

    Yes, most app really consumes and can drain your battery. So in order for you to save much power to your batteries, switch off those apps. I believe that the more you take good care of your phone and the battery, you are prolonging the life of your battery. I learned my lessons on my side because I did not took good care of it that’s why I bought new a new battery from Amazon which is the Replacement Battery For Samsung Galaxy S3, 2100mAh Li-ion Battery by Procizion (No NFC). And now, my habits are changed indeed. I will take good care for my phone now.

  29. BY Tammy

    Hi my samsung galaxy s3 ‘s cameras are broken both front and back. When I take a picture they come out all black and grainy and you can’t see anything in the photo. Is there anyway I can solve this issue ?

  30. BY Jada

    Whenever i cut off my Samsung Galaxy s3, it cuts write back on. What should I do???

  31. BY raj bista

    begun to cut off calls in mid sentence. 4 to 9 seconds into a
    conversation there is a ‘ding’ and the orange bar pops up
    with call cancelled. this happens on outgoing and incoming
    calls. most annoying as this is my biz
    phone !plzz some one help me what to do now

  32. BY Brandon

    My galaxy s3’s menu and return touch buttons just stopped working. The home button works just fine. They were working yesterday and now there dead. Can anyone help fix this or will I need to buy the button assembly and replace them myself. Any thoughts? And also when I try and plug it into my laptop to access the phones contents it says the sub device you are trying to access has malfunctioned and I can’t transfer my pictures or music to and from my computer. What the hell? Anyways please help. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

  33. BY amanda

    My s3 is only 3 -4 months old. It has started vibrating and turning music up when I listen to my music, battery drains quickly, occasional freezing and over heating at times. Is this fixable by myself or should I just chuck it and get a different phone?

  34. BY Myra

    Hi, was getting rid of some old games and things I didn’t want anymore on my Galaxy s3 and tried to download some new games and up popped a message that said unable to download to device or sd
    card. I have at least 14g on my sd card & 3.4g on device. The game is 40mb, I should have plenty of space available, any suggestions?

  35. BY renata

    My s3mini has started malfunctioning today. It keeps shutting off and coming on constantly. I can’t use the phone at all. It will just go off and come back on and go off again. I have no idea day again to do. I have r
    emoved the battery and sim several times….have it now for 5 months.

    • BY lisa

      I have the same problem my Galaxy s3 mini keeps switching off and restarting. I’ve taken it in for repair, just got it back and its starting to do it again. did you have any luck with a fix for this problem.

      • BY John

        I have the same problem my Galaxy s3 mini keeps switching off and restarting. I’ve taken it in for repair, just got it back and its starting to do it again. did you have any luck with a fix for this problem.

  36. BY TJ

    my phone keeps bringing a box up saying
    (The mobile network will be unavailable until you restart with a valid sim card inserted) then keeps crashing
    any solutions please!
    I have cleaned sim that I have ut still to no avail

  37. BY dave

    My s3 is total piece of shit. I have one problem after another, first I couldn’t recieve calls then I charge my fone and the second I unplug it the phone would drain to 5%. I got a replacement wich qas also an s3 wich now has problems it over heats, and battery life last 5 hours befor it needs charging, it doesn’t matter wether I use my fone or not it last 5 hours … little advise NEVER GET A SAMSUNG S3

  38. BY david

    Phone do’not connect with PC to download photos or back up.

  39. BY kamran

    Many people have reported issues with their Galaxy S3 overheating. The device features the thin design with a big screen, a big battery and a powerful set of internal parts, so the longer time you use, the hotter it will get. If your Galaxy S3 becomes very hot and crashing without intensive operation, the device could have a hardware problem.
    The effective solution is to take a break for a moment so that the phone cools down. If you’ve been operating something for a long time, then it will heat up again. If it is heating up on standby or with low levels of usage, then you should contact the flagship store or seller and check if the hardware is faulty. You should be able to get a replacement smartphone if they find the issue.

  40. BY Tina

    Hi, i have a Galaxy S3, when im listening to music with my headphones if i turn to volume right up it just mutes itself asfter a couple of mins, does anyone know why this happens and how i can stop it please thanks…!!!!!! HELP

    • BY kamran

      hi its is not a big problem u just change your headphones thn it wll b ok

  41. BY Bianca

    Every night I put my galaxy S3 on silent. In the morning when I take it off silent all sounds are back to normal except my notification alert. I have to go into settings – my device – sounds – volume to turn my notifications back on again.
    I find this very frustrating. please help

    • BY kamran

      hi bianca its not a big problem u just reboot your s3 its wll b ok

  42. BY Deni

    I just rooted my galaxy s3 international version and flashed CyanogenMod:)
    Its faster than TouchWiz and all my apps work even better.

  43. BY luis

    I purchased samsung galaxy s3 on september 2012, I have some problems like my power button become extremely sensitive. it went black even though i just brushed it or touch the power button without pressing it. another problem that come together with the problem above is my s3 keeps randomly restart on its own.

    • BY lisa

      that like mine ive had my phone for over a year and ive had it repair twice and for the first week it worked but now its doing it again I don’t know what to do anymore as the phone shop I got it from wont give me another one they just have to keep going to get it repaired and they say that it fine help plz

  44. BY bob

    purchased new samsung galaxy s3 after 1 month and 10 days the screen went black and only showed the samsung logo i took it back to the suppler who in turn sent it back to samsung for repair My supplier has now asked for 351 dollars to repair the phone saying it was caused by an illegal download We haven’t download any thing other than face book I told them what to do with that and asked what the download was they could not tell me. I then got another phone call from my supplier asking for 61 dollars as that was the cost of looking at my phone and if i didn’t pay it I wouldn’t get my phone back the phone s 5 weeks old so i told them to shove it Does any one know of anything that can stuff up the mother board of the phone????????

  45. BY hunter

    My external speaker isnt working at first it went out for like 2 hours and now it been out for 3 days and I got my galaxy s3 on Christmas eve.. What is wrong with it??? HELP!!!!

  46. BY chris

    Just like to say I have neve had any problems what so ever great phone its that good I even got a Samsung tablet

  47. BY tina

    hi my Samsung galaxy has recently got a problem. I will have a full battery but as soon as I start playing a game on my phone the battery dies within seconds this has only just started happening can anyone help me thanks

  48. BY Brenda Murray

    My SAMSUNG GALAXYs3 keeps telling me to turn on javascript in my browser when in fact it is on. Can anyone help me fix this issue? Please.

  49. BY Mark

    In the past, I was able to charge my Samsung Galaxy III with a USB cable connected to an external battery. I got a Jackery Giant+ and the phone will not charge with this or other external batteries that have worked in the past. I’ve been told that it has something to do with the updated software. The last software update was 12/23/2013. Thank you.

  50. BY ray khuller

    my samsung galaxy III is about 18 months old. now it has begun to cut off calls in mid sentence. 4 to 9 seconds into a conversation there is a ‘ding’ and the orange bar pops up with call cancelled. this happens on outgoing and incoming calls. most annoying as this is my biz phone !
    it also has a nasty habit of switching over from sound to viabrate all by itself, thereby causing calls to be missed.
    anybody know what i can do about this ? i took it in to Rogers, they changed the SIM card, no change in behaviour so now they want to upgrade my phone…at an extra charge, of course !

  51. BY kierryn

    my mum has the s3 Samsung.its acting pretty crap glad i don’t have it. anyway when she takes a photo before we click on the little preview square at the bottom left corner it looks normal. Then we open it up and its all weird. its like those effects where you have four long vertical boxes and you can put either the same image and reposition it like a mosaic effect or ad different photos. Well its broken up the picture and moved it around but she has no effects on i could see. she had it repaired recently they said she had water damage i assume they would have fixed it but i don’t know. its annoying and her videos screw up it starts playing then the screen malfunctions and then it says ‘ video can not be played’.

    its getting ridiculous. i don’t know if its the quality of the phone though some love it some hate it. i have seen on the net that someones blew up over night. i don’t know.

    i told her to take it into those little stalls and get it repaired she wont. is this needed or is there anything i can go into on the phone to maybe reset the camera. She tried updating it but it did nothing.

    help would be greatly appreciated!

  52. BY Gianna

    My Samsung fell and when I went to go turn it on it was just like different colors what do I do?

  53. BY Le

    Same thing happening to me I’ve been charging it for hours and still nothing what should I do??

  54. BY Maggy M

    I’ve had a wifi problem with the update: it didn’t auto-connect automatically and most of the time it didn’t connect saying “Signal too slow / Connection unstable”. The wifi kept on turning off and on alone until it didn’t turn on at all so I had to RESET FACTORY. After the reset, I got connected to the internet through wifi and I found out new features of android version 4.3. I realized the update was not fully installed that’s why I’ve had connection problems. Try to reset your phone and see if it’s work (do not forget to keep a backup of your data).

  55. BY princess

    my phone is acting up it says battery have stopped. I don’t understand it but I tried to look it up no help someone help me please.



  57. BY Naveen Singh

    wi fi is not connected , getting repeated pop up for updating software on samsung s3 just not getting through how to do it please help

  58. BY betty

    when switching on wifi I accidently pressed ‘forget’ instead of ‘connect’. I now have no wifi, I tried reinstakking it but still won’t work. I have a Samsung Galaxy 3

    • BY Raphi

      Try scanning for wifi again to get your wifi to show up

  59. BY shahul

    my mobile S3 not open the screen come open display bet not open whet problem i need to in fomentation clearly place.

  60. BY JUSTIN .

    Have had my S3 3 months after a month the charging port stopped working so I bout an external charger and extra battery, now my javascript is messed up. It eill say its not enabled when it is and I have to constantly force stop my internet just to get it working again. Some times cant even browe because it wont let me select anything on a page until I force sto ppl and restar it. Anyone else having similar issues??

  61. BY Waliullah hamdani

    I have the problem with sim network segnal coverage and the phone want to insert sim card.

  62. BY Sue

    Also forgot to mention that photos just disappear from my images….gone! What’s up with that? thanks for any help or suggestions.

  63. BY Sue

    My Galaxy3 when I try to go to a site on the internet just sits there and spins and spins….takes forever to download. Anybody know why? I do live in a rural setting, but I get 4g.

  64. BY Lidija Vujosevic

    My samsung s3 mini 5 days ago started to fall off, and several times in a circle until it does not work and when it turns on the battery is completely depleted… that happen whenever I connect to the internet. before the internet was constantly switched on but now I can not turn it cause it will immediately be shut down. When the Internet is not on phone works perfectly … What should I do?

  65. BY kim welcher

    To not have 3g or 4g showing on my phone. I have a tmobile sim card in but should i swope the sim card over to at&t. Plus can not send or recieve mms messages

    • BY andy

      it depends on whether your phone ls locked or unlocked. if its locked then the sim card that first came with the phone will only work. There are ways to unlock the phone but most of them are paid. Also try going into settings-mobile data make sure its on.

    • BY me

      Kim… please tell me that English is NOT your native language..

  66. BY howard

    Did the 1/11/2014 android update on my S3, now my text font changes to giant or tiny on its own and I cannot find how to 1-make it stop and 2- adjust the text font size. All other font sizes (email etc) not affected. Thanks

  67. BY joe

    I have an s3 which is approximately 14months old and has resentley developed a problem. It happened on a Sunday I’d used the phone late in the afternoon to look on eBay ,the battery was full , when I went back to my phone about 6pm that evening the screen was blank I thought it was in standby mode but on pressing the home button to wake it up the screen did not come on so I tried to turn it of and the of button was non responsive ,so then I took the battery out waited 20mins and it still will not turn on, after a 24 hours the phone is still non responsive … Is there a way of fixing this manually or is it a manufacturer repair and what can the fault be to cause my phone to do this…

    • BY Ata

      i have a problem with my s3. it dosen’t have sound during call when i have a call it is silent .

  68. BY Bri M

    Since I did the most recent software update my phone turns my ringer on after a call and it keeps giving me download notification for stuff I downloaded a long time ago and have already deleted

  69. BY Shahieda McDavids

    My S3 phone icon showes that I have 1 message even though I have deleted all my messages. I have checked out and cleared all notifications, removed my SIM card and battery. Please tell me what I need to do to remove it. Or is it also a hardware problem. Thanks

  70. BY Sonal Joshi

    I have my phone for nearly one and a half years now, no problems until today when there was a phone update required. Did follow the necessary instructions the phone switched off automatically and then switched on but now its completely frozen. No internet connection and all apps have now stopped working. Also the phone batteries drained completely. Tried wait thing it off and removing the batteries and restarted against. But still no luck. Can anyone help please?

  71. BY FIFI

    Help!!! I been trying so hard to change my email address from my Samsung s, 3, mini. I made a few mistakes with words and I like, stuck. I tried to change it but everytime I am hitting a brick wall.

  72. BY Eric

    what would be a best solution for a galaxy s3 that suddenly stop due to a leakage of i9300, is there a solution for it a quiek respond or solution is needed to use again the phone

  73. BY dexter

    im looking for handset configuration. i cant open my mobile data bcoz of handset configuration pls help me

    • BY Lesley Newbold

      I cannot get my mobile data off ? Please help itt keeps coming back on ?

    • BY Lesley Newbold

      I cannot get my mobile data off ? Please help

  74. BY Len

    I bought a Galaxy S3 mini from Amazon about two months ago and was shipped with an international version around $230. First thing I did was using the same mini Sim card that I used on other phones for many years; Since it worked on last 3 regular cell phones with no problem. After that my phones was intermitted, some time I called my phone and only heard my voice message or got message “Not registered on Network”. After intensive search on the internet with some suggestions such as set Network mode to GSM only etc. but nothing help much. At one time, I almost wanted to return my phone to Amazon. But I gave it one more try but go to T-Mobile and tell them to transfer my number to a newer sim. T-mobile store may give you a sim for free of charge, but since I have three newer sim card that I never used before. They just transfer my number to one of my sim card in less than a minute for free. I reset my network mode back to GSM/WCDMA (auto mode) and my phone did not have any issues in more than two weeks now. I hope this post will help some other galaxy s3 mini user.

  75. BY brit

    My s3 through at t randomly stopped receiving texts from two contacts. I can send texts but not first it was jus one contact then yesterday another person in my contacts…called at t and they said there’s no blocked numbers and it’s been this way for two weeks now..I can receive and send texts to everyone but those two contacts??? Help please

    • BY marilyn

      Hi I haven’t long had my galaxy s3,and I am having issues with it as well,getting really peeved off with it,have had to get in touch with orange as for some unknown reason my granddaughter’s texts that she was sending me I was just not receiving them,she would receive mine,well anyway I don’t know how but my granddaughter’s texts were going straight to my spam,i also told orange I wanted to keep my original number,found out that in my settings my phone number was what came with the sim,so I am having issues with my phone and orange,and to top it all I cannot get google up properly now.Galaxy s3 are junk,would not recommend,the battery life is too short,as well.My money seems to going down quickly on it as well,and I do not send many texts,and as I say I am with orange but something just doesn’t add up.

  76. BY Karina Baalham

    Hi ive had my galaxy s3 for 3 months and it is stuck on the start up screen with the samsung logo ive pressed the power button and volume and it gives me four things to choose from but im not 100 % sure at doing a factory reset and wipe or cache please help

    • BY Martin

      My Galaxy3 S111mini, GTT-1819DN wont progress beyond the rotating blue oval. It is fully charged & I have taken out the battery & sim card & replaced them but no change.
      Please can you help me.
      Many thanks

  77. BY Trisha65

    My phone won’t go to the play store.

  78. BY janet menard

    i hear bells. how do i turn these off. they ring [2 in a row 5 seconds apart]????

  79. BY Kirby

    Whenever I make calls on the s3, the speaker sounds really tinny, and the sound breaks up until I cannot hear anything at all. The technical support rep I spoke to suggested that the case may be causing the problem… is that common?

  80. BY Karina

    My phone keeps changing its number by itself and this has happened to my three times and I just got it three days ago. Can someone tell me whats wrong? Thanks.

  81. BY Amanda Haas

    My phone turns on only when in certain positions and if I move it from that position it turns off and won’t even charge my phone. I don’t have the chip that causes SDS either. I kinda need an answer quickly because sometimes my duty section leader calls us randomly and if I don’t answer I get to stand three 8 hour posts. What’s up with that?

    • BY shani

      I had same problem with my loving and fucking cell, just go to the settings and block auto rotation and your cell will b fine

  82. BY Behzad Ali

    My S3 is Just 3 months used, Now from tomorrow it is just not accepting Sim, then i restarted the Start it works Just fine after few minutes, It Shows emergency call only then no calls no Sms. What is wrong with it?… Please Solve my Problem

    • BY Steve

      Did u figure out how to fix because I have the same issue. Cheers

  83. BY Danuta Vssile

    Hi i have my galaxy s3 for 2 month already and few days ago it gave me a problem .When i try to download something it get of by itself from browser and rights”the Internet has unsuccessful stopped. I don’t know what can to be the problem. And s voice it’s in France lounge how to change it in English? Thank you very much.

  84. BY kierra w.

    Wat to do if Samsung galaxy s3 just is not responding at all just bought new battery and the new actual charger it came with and everything im all out of things to do!!! HELP PLEASE

    • BY Beverly

      my phone is dead, I turn on and after a few seconds, goes black, nothing!! HELP

  85. BY teresa hawley

    Samsung galaxy S III freezing. Have to pull battery. I can hear caller talking but they can’t hear me. Phone is not muted. Checked all possible scenarios. When I dial I can’t hear other party’s phone ringing.

  86. BY Serge

    From time to time, my S3 oveheats a lot, and even crash the SD card content. To stop this overheating I believe to have found solution : \parameters\battery\ then forcing the app taking the more energy … In my case, that’s “Multimedia”… I stop it, and the S3 stops heating !!! but it doesn’t work all the time. Has anyone another solution ?

  87. BY Bernie J.

    I just got my Samsung Galaxy 3 phone yesterday and so far I’ve had nothing but problems with it. I can’t save any contacts, pictures, or email info because I get a message saying “Unfortunately, contacts has stopped.” I talked to Samsung support and cleared the cache and even reset it to factory default and it still is doing it.

  88. BY Mohamed

    My s3 is not opening the apps menu from a while .and when iam opening the apps menu it freesing for a seconds then it comes out to homescreen and says touchwiz home is not reporting please help…..

  89. BY Noah D D

    My S3 internet wont work, like yesterday i had the 4g symbol and when my phone died and i charged my phone it dispeared and i cant surf the web or go on you tube. Please Help.

    • BY proffessor

      Pay your bills

  90. BY Brad


  91. BY Joey Gaskins

    my s3 charges fine at home but will not charge when plugged in a 12 volt system. The battery indicator is showing charging but the percentage continues to drop. It’s not the charger as my wife and daughter both have s3 phones and theirs charges just fine

  92. BY Fred

    Samsungs not androids are notorious for WIFI issues . I know why the carriers don’t mind but too many other wifi friendly brands out there to mess it

  93. BY Edith

    My Samsung galaxy s3 has been freezing after receiving a call with a popped up massage saying ‘Google has stoped”
    I really need help to resolve the issue. Thanks

  94. BY Brian Eric

    My Samsung galaxy s3 has been freezing after receiving a call with a popped up massage saying ‘Google has stoped”
    I really need help to resolve the issue

    • BY Lisa Barnett

      the fault came on mine a full factory reset (which deletes all photos apps, videos, contacts, etc) worked for mine for a few days but then it started freezing and the play store wouldn’t open I have got to go to store and claim on my insurance for this and have a new phone.
      Note China has had a lot of software problems relating to this and it seems to be a fault with something like 14% of S3’s!!
      Not a happy customer right here, just complained to Samsung directly

  95. BY Brian Eric

    My Samsong Galaxy S3 has been freezing every time after I receive a call and receive pop up up massage saying ‘google ha stoped’
    I realy need help to resolve the issue

    • BY mr.raad

      For the call freezing its simple
      Go to more setting and switch the network mode to gsm wcdma or gsm only
      And the problem will be resolved instantly

  96. BY vivek vamsi

    My S3 is drooping its signal suddenly after every call and regaining its signal back ,im seeing it recently previous there were no issues and wifi is on automaticlly even i switch it off it ons , i havent found conection optimizer option in my mobile i have taken mobile from singapore

  97. BY lee

    having 15 months in to a 2 year contract with orange/ ee network and paying 43 pounds a month I had a Samsung galaxy s3 which 12 months into my contract it had a manufactory fault with it so having it get replaced I got a Samsung galasy s3 lte which it cost me 25 pounds to have it replaced even tho I was paying 100 pounds a year insurance then after 3 months same fault accured so I had another phone sent out which now im occurring the same problem so I rang orange up to complain about the issue and I asked were the phone replacements I was getting refurbed ones and I got told yes they were has anybody had any problems like this with the same phone and how do u get out of ur contract with the issues

    • BY Tom

      Hi… I too had the same exact problem with my S3 replacement through AT&T… my battery would not stay charged and they didn’t have a replacement battery so the sent me a entire new phone… had I known I would have kept my first phone and just switched battery’s… now I find out the phone they sent was in fact a “refurbished” S3 which turned into a total piece of junk..My screen is now black in the lower left corner and the battery has to be charged everyday sometimes 2 times a day.. S3’s are junk

  98. BY Vick McGee

    My husband’s Galaxy III will not send or receive calls. It is within the 1 year warranty period and Verizon states that it is a software problem and the see it is not connecting to a satellite (whatever it’s called). However, we have to gamble with sending it in because if they choose not to except the phone because of a couple of scratches we will have to pay $400. If you can offer a suggestion to rectify the situation we will be grateful.

    • BY Rick West

      for whaever reason, my galaxie s3 will no longer send or receive email

  99. BY Zer0

    my galaxy s3 just this morning when i woke up said “battery critically low” and when i went to plug it in the screen turned normal, disappeared, went back to normal then went black, and the proceeded to show the battery loading screen and then the charging screen for 2 blips and then proceeded to go black and just repeat itself. i took out the battery and put it back in and the problem still persists. i need my phone for the lifestyle i live in. please help.

    • BY Tori

      My charger wont stay on the charger and it keeps on plugging what is wrong with it

    • BY Kathy

      Make sure you CLEAR the history of the apps that you used on the phone by holding down the home button
      then clicking on the bottom right “x”

      Turn off 4G and use 3 G

      These 2 things worked for me
      I love my phone!!


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